by  Cindia Carrere

Cindia Carrere

Whether you’re new to this blog or have been following it for a while, the Living Vision Board invites women to consider and assess the 12 areas of life. Each month we dive into one of them for designing and manifesting a life you love. This month has five Tuesdays (the day we post), so four articles are dedicated to Legacy and Inheritance, while this one introduces the power of discovering your Manifesting Style and dominant Archetype.

A single letter of the alphabet distinguishes the word DREAD from DREAM.

Your dream

👉 Do you dread any part of your day, your week, your life? Is there something persistent that causes you frustration?

There’s a reason for your frustration.

  • You want to do one thing, but you have to do another.
  • You realize that you’re doing everything for everyone else and have nothing left for yourself.
  • You’re serving others at the expense of your own life and dreams.

Can you feel that?
The DREAM in you is awakening.
And she’s not going to let you ignore her.

You are meant to soar

You are multi passionate. You dwell in the paradox.
You long to follow the pulse that runs through you while feeling intimately tied to what grounds you.
You long for both freedom and roots. For passion and purpose.

The important lesson you’re here to learn is that your bounty begins where your denial ends.
You are indeed meant to have what your soul is whispering to you.
You are not meant to be caged. You are not meant to be silenced. Your soul is not meant to be diluted, fragmented, or bound by responsibility that doesn’t align with your heart.

You are meant to soar. To be fully aligned with your heart’s desires. To have the freedom and spaciousness you crave.

Your Manifesting Style and Archetype

Are you ready to empower yourself to create the life you want?

It starts with knowing your Manifesting Style and Archetype.

It’s okay if you’re not entirely familiar with the terms “Manifesting” or “Archetype.” At the Living Vision Board, we hear a lot from women who are embarking on journeys of self-discovery, poised at the beginning of a lifestyle change. They sorta know what they want, but not really. They kinda know what manifesting is but aren’t sure if they’re “doing it right.”

No worries. No pressure. It’s all good.

Here are some alternative words and phrases for manifesting:

  • Deciding what you want
  • Summoning
  • Inviting
  • Calling in
  • Attracting
  • Designing the life you want
  • Tapping into
  • Declaring
  • Bringing more in
  • Living in flow
  • Deliberate Creation

In case you’re curious, an Archetype is:

  • The “first mold or model” — think of it like an original prototype of something
  • An inherited pattern of thought
  • Universally present in individual psyches stemming from the collective unconscious
  • Known by another kind of wisdom
  • The strongest, most potent version of human behavior
  • Easily recognizable in other people, such as the Clown, Court Jester, Outlaw, Leader, Goddess, Lover
  • Identified by both positive and shadow traits

Everyone has a manifesting style or archetype. Archetypes heavily influence our perspective, how we think, feel, and behave. And just to be clear, we rarely have only one of them present, but have several archetypes active within us.

The feminine manifesting archetypes represent 12 styles of calling forth our uniquely feminine powers of creation.

Most women have a little of the twelve archetypes in them. Each archetype fuels and powers a portion of your life. But one, one dominant archetype is your lead, your wise counsel, and the energy that influences everything you do, everything you have, everything you are. 

Once you discover your dominant Manifesting Archetype, you can cultivate the confidence, the certainty, and the conviction that comes with walking in your highest strength, knowing you are carried by the Divine gifts within your own being. 

When you understand your Manifesting Archetype, you understand how to engage with the world in the way that you were meant to, in the way that unlocks the dreams, goals, and desires you have for yourself. You see, we all have areas in our lives that work well for us and areas that could use attention and upleveling.

Should you ever wonder how a woman like Oprah Winfrey can glide back and forth between being the Light Keeper of wisdom, a Generational Healer breaking barriers, and the Rainmaker rolling in wealth (and these are just three out of the 12 Manifesting Archetypes), it's because the archetypes are awakened and working together to help her manifest her destiny.

“Every woman who heals herself, helps heal every woman who came before her and every woman who comes after her.”

~ Dr. Christiane Northrup

Is this you?

The world needs more women who are willing to:

  • Model abundance
  • Become the true leaders of their own lives
  • Answer their soul’s calling
  • Repair their own personal Energy Grids
  • Help heal the Energy Grid of the Planet

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