by Cricket Wingfield, MD

Welcome to the Dark Side

Of the year, that is, in the Northern Hemisphere. The longest nights, the beginning of winter, the returning of the light.

While I love the long days of summer, there’s also something wonderful about the coziness of winter. The bundling up, the slowing down, the settling in. Even though you may be tired of all the settling in from COVID, and be bursting to get out, the winter calls for introspection and visioning.

Black Gold

I’m an avid gardener, and have always loved composting, and all it represents. Before you scream, “Get a life!”, hear me out. Composting takes all of what’s done living  the fallen leaves, grass cuttings, and kitchen scraps - and turns it into black gold. The fertilizer and nutrients for new growth. Organic, living nutrients and substrate to fuel the new.

Winter can be our time of composting. A time of letting go of what’s no longer working - old habits and thought patterns, relationships that drain us  a time of visioning a new life with positivity for a better future. A time for growth and development for what we want more of in life. A time to refocus on what’s most important. A time to use your Living Vision Board or Dream Board to set a new course, or fine tune the one you’re on, to align more fully with your authentic nature. Our dreams and goals need fertilizing too, the fertilizer of our love and attention.

The whispers of your heart

Spending time on what’s most important to you is what the winter allows. Let yourself off the hook if you’re needing rest, exercise, and self care. Choose to dive deeply into what matters most. Turn toward your dreams and deepest longings and answer those calls. Decide what can wait, and let it wait. Let it compost. Let the darkness mixed with fresh air become your ally, a support in finding your own black gold. Your authentic self  aligned with your deepest truth.

Happy Solstice! I hope you’ll join us to listen to the whispers of your heart.