by Cricket Wingfield, MD

For many, this last year was a time of reflection and reevaluation of life and priorities, a slowing down from the previous pace. Some took advantage of that year with intention, some muddled through, and others numbed out in frustration.

It’s time to open that lockdown deadbolt and get back into life with some freshness and vitality, and creativity just might be the key.

I’m a big fan of the Wheel of Life. It’s a model to segment aspects of life, to investigate each area one by one, to see what’s working and what’s isn’t. It’s not a perfect model, as in reality, every area of life is commingled with others, but it’s a good tool for exploration.

Download a wheel of life here, if you’d like to do the exercise yourself.

So, how does creativity fit in?

As you look at each area of life, find what you’re grateful for there. Be grateful for what’s working that got you to this point.  Then, let yourself dream a bit. And a little more. What would your ideal life look like in that arena? Don’t worry about the HOW (the brick wall of most dreams!), but the WHAT it would look and feel like, and the WHY you want it. The deeper WHY. How do you want to feel when that part of your wheel of life is more vibrant and more to your liking?

Experiment in your mind’s eye by rearranging the parts, adding in more of what you want, lessening or removing what you don’t want. Can you be even more honest, more imaginative, open to possibility? This is creativity, imagining, and dreaming all in one. The first step toward strengthening creativity and manifesting skills is to see possibilities for yourself that you haven’t seen before.

Take it to the next level

If you want to play some more, you might create a vision board collage that includes images and words to support the goals and dreams you discovered. Thumb through magazines, write your own words, add colors, pictures, and phrases. That’s it. Connect with the feelings you want, and play. Imagine what it will take to get more sections of your wheel of life into alignment with your dreams.

Creativity, exploration, new perspectives, and a deep sense of gratitude can launch you into a life you love with meaning and purpose.

Live long and keep dreaming!

Wheel of Life

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