by Cricket Wingfield, MD

Are you thinking about improving one of the areas of your life? Consider adding a vision board to your tool kit.

Do Vision Boards Work?

Vision boards are a great way to bring your goals and dreams into clarity and focus. You know you want a change in your financial status, your love life, your physical health, or another area of life, and that’s a good start. Like any journey, though, knowing your destination is key to getting there. A vision board is a destination map, a design board, showing the look and feel of your dream life, and shaping those dreams into reality.

Aligning Your Beliefs

Do you really “belong” in the life you want? You may think that only some lucky people can live their dream life, and that you must plod along, just getting by, settling for less than what you truly want. That’s just a belief. A belief is something you think is true, but in reality, you have the power to change beliefs that don’t serve you. It’s up to you to recognize and challenge beliefs that hold you back or pull you down and replace them with beliefs that support and empower you, so you can have what you want. Yes, it will take action and commitment, but if you don’t think it’s possible to live your dreams, you might give up and never start. A vision board is one way to claim your vision, goals and dreams, and see them as your future reality.

What are some things to put on a vision board?

You can start with any area of your life that needs an upgrade or tune-up. Take a few moments to imagine what you want to be present in that part of your life, your compelling vision of how it would look and feel.  Get as clear and specific as you can.  Fill your vision board with images that represent your dream life. If you want a healthy, fit body, find those, and add your own face on the body. Put your photo into your dream home, your ideal vacation spot, or in a romantic pose with your partner (or the one you want). Do your best to capture the feeling in the image as well.

Find words that empower you. Words that represent the outcome you want, the qualities and resolve you need to foster, the feelings you want to have when you achieve your goals and dreams. Words that make you feel good about yourself and your longings.

Stay connected to your WHY

Knowing why you want what you want will help clarify what’s most important, and it can help expand your beliefs about what’s possible. For example, do you want more money just to pay the rent, to take a dream vacation, or to have so much you can give generously to the causes you care about. Feel how each one of those whys has its own energy, and how each comes with its own belief about what’s possible. Let yourself stretch and believe something even better is possible for you. Because it is.