The Ex-Files:
Freedom from an Ex
Who Will Never Apologize

Wednesday, Feb 23, 2022

1:00pm - 4:00pm (Pacific)


A Workshop for Letting Go of a Past Relationship that’s keeping you stuck

Still waiting for an apology that will likely never come?
Having trouble letting go?
Join us and discover a surprising spiritual loophole to freedom!

The pain of heartbreak is universal.

Regardless of your background, we all know how difficult it is to lose a close relationship. Whether romantic, platonic, or familial, letting go is hard.

As part of our work at Living Vision Board, we help people overcome the blocks that keep them from manifesting their best life.

This is why you should join us for our brand new Workshop!

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The Ex-Files: Freedom from an Ex Who Will Never Apologize

The reality is that life after a break up or loss of a relationship continues to go on. Even if you aren’t ready.

When we feel like someone has done us wrong and a relationship ends on a negative note . . . moving on is even harder.

Especially when you don't have (and know you will NEVER get) any kind of closure.

We pick ourselves up and do what we can to keep going, all the while, carrying that hurt with us.

Never fully healing. And never fully letting go.

Old wounds are meant to heal. Let go of the blockages keeping you from manifesting your DREAM life. Join us for this Group Workshop where we help you:

Clear obstacles in your path to creating healthy energetic healing 
Find the loophole to let go without the need for your ex
See the benefits of releasing the emotional blockages you may not even realize you have
Be free from the hook, story, and sting of a past painful relationship

If you’re still feeling the pang and can’t seem to let it go, this workshop is for you!

Sign-up today to finally delete the file on your Ex, move beyond the pain, and step into the next big, beautiful chapter of your life!

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