by  Cindia Carrere

Cindia Carrere

Turn Pain Into Gain

Why do you think that certain people choose to be their own boss, or at least to start a business rather than work for someone else?

My last official job was in college, so I can think of several reasons, such as the idea of personal freedom — doing what you love, being able to set your own hours, work from home or in beautiful locations while traveling, plus the possibility of making more money than a set wage.

The inspiration for starting a business is often a wound or a dream

There are people, when wounded, who lash out and hurt others. Those who are bullied often bully others. Some who’ve been abused, abuse others.

And then there is another segment of the population, who, when wounded, figure out how to heal it, help others with their knowledge and research, and then monetize their solution.

These are the people who have a wound, a puzzle, or a problem to solve, and when they do, they end up solving it for others as well. At the beginning, they might not have known consciously that they were going to start a business, but their internal pain drove them forward to find a solution. 

Instead of continuing the cycle of hurting, these kinds of budding entrepreneurs interrupt the pattern, discover a way to help themselves, and benefit others. When the transformation is tangible, people start to notice and they want to know — how did you heal X, eliminate the clutter, lose weight? (Or whatever solution to their problem was found).

The business inspiration for turning your pain-into-gain often originates from a core wound, such as separation or rejection for example. In the process of resolving it, the entrepreneurial journey leads to connection, wholeness, and profit.

→ YES, people can be in business to help others and make a good living!

As a “Good Girl/Generational Healer,” myself, (you can take the quiz here to discover your own manifesting archetype), I’ve made no secret about growing up as a minister’s daughter who’s had her share of money blocks and a “funky” genetic history to deal with. 

In my pursuit of wholeness, I discovered that part of my destiny is to help women feel empowered around making money in a way that aligns with her soul. So let me say it again, YES, you can be in business to help others and make a good living!

At the Living Vision Board, we have the privilege of working with amazing women to help them clear energetic barriers — including money and generational/ancestral blocks — so they can get on with the business of living their dreams in an aligned way.

Just yesterday, in a women’s group I facilitate for entrepreneurs and small business owners, one participant mentioned that her mother recently said, “Oh, this is what you do? I thought an entrepreneur was someone who couldn’t get a job!”

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An entrepreneur is someone who has a dream, a goal, and some grit. The dream can be for yourself, your family, or for a certain product. 

You have the power to create your own destiny and be successful in business with the right mindset and tools to help you get there.

Best tools and practices for your success

  • staying power
  • consistency and determination for when the excitement ebbs and the money isn’t flowing … yet
  • a strategy for building profitability in from the very beginning
  • automated systems to make your life easier  — and your clients and customers happy
  • an awesome team so you can delegate and sip mojitos on the beach
  • a vision board to keep your dreams alive

Creating vision boards is a success ritual among women who are starting a business. You can use your business vision board to inspire yourself and to get a view of where you’d like to be in the future.

Your business can be born from your own personal struggle, or a dream that you have. Either way, when you’re resolved and aligned, you’ll be attracting clients and customers in an empowered way, and that’s when things really click into place. 

When your transformation is tangible and repeatable (meaning others can learn from you and apply it to themselves), that’s the entrepreneurial journey. You start with a dream, or a problem that you have a passion to solve, and work on it until the circle is complete and you’ve found your solution. 

That solution, or what I call, your “Soul-ution,” becomes your vein of gold. 

Wholeness is a beautiful thing. And so is Cha-Ching!

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