by  Cindia Carrere

Cindia Carrere

Without a vision, people perish. With a vision, people prosper.

What is the first step to prosper, manifest the life you want, and achieve your goals?


What do you want?

The question is deceivingly simple, but it’s where people get stuck or stall out.


as a noun

Vision is being able to see. Sight is a whole brain activity that uses both eyes to send information to the center of the brain, the corpus collosum, which is the fibrous nerve bridge that connects the left and right brain hemispheres.

Why Is This Super Duper Important?

Because our brain processes images separately in each hemisphere. The corpus collosum is like a cool app for the brain that seamlessly combines the two separate halves into one cohesive image. Plus, and this is a biggie, it allows us to identify what we see by connecting it to our language center.

The left-side of the brain is responsible for language and speech, while the right side of the brain helps us interpret what we’re seeing.

How Knowing This Fun, Sciencey Stuff Helps With Manifesting Your Dreams


as a verb

Visioning is developing dreams and goals for the future.
It’s a whole brain activity that requires your intellect AND your imagination.
Goals are left-brain while dreams are right brain.

Manifesting Works In Tandem With Both Goals And Dreams
HERE'S WHY. . . .

The left hemisphere of your brain is hungry for goals that are definable and measurable so that it knows when it’s achieved them. “Lefty” is more academic and analytical and seeks data with deadlines that can be tracked. The left leans toward logic and facts, science and math, preferring things spelled out in black and white. Your left brain doesn’t need to factor in emotion to reach decisions, but it does need to see with the eyes in order to believe.
Goals keep your vision alive by placing focused attention on it and taking consistent, measurable action.
When manifesting your dreams, your vision is the destination, and goals are the coordinates that get you there!

The stuff of DREAMS. . . .

If the left side of the brain is more about reasoning, linear thinking and arithmetic, the right hemisphere of the brain is playful and may inspire an interpretive dance about math. 😊

The right hemi flourishes with intuition, holistic thinking, being in flow, and is thirsty for color, story, music and emotions.

Because the right side of your brain requires images, dreaming helps you form a mental picture of what you want without worrying about the HOW. The right brain connects to All That Is, sees first with your eyes (insight), and believes anything is possible. It’s the part of you that is open to miracles and calls things into being.

The manifesting process taps into the limitless prima materia, the substance from which all other matter is composed. It’s the ability to turn energy, or light, into the forms you want.

Dreams are fueled by feelings and thrive on shades of emotion.

Dreams happen in the heart and goals happen in the body, and the mind is where they come together.


as a noun

Clarity brings simplicity and precision to your vision.

In what we call “reality,” certain things are clearly defined. For example, a mortgage on a house or the lease on a car isn’t ambiguous. The price and terms are spelled out in the contracts. The Olympic committee doesn’t allow someone to compete just because they “have a dream,” nor do universities and hospitals hand out diplomas or scalpels because a person has a vision of becoming a doctor.

NO! They must qualify with very specific requirements.

We often fall into the trap of setting intentions or dreaming about things that have no measurable or quantifiable elements. It’s a default mode that means we can’t fail and nobody can hold us accountable to our goals and dreams, including ourselves.

Perhaps we want more joy, to be happy, to lose weight; we want to feel good about ourselves, to make some money, to get more clients, to go on a vacation, to self-care and carve out some “me time.”

But what does “some” or “more” or any of that really mean?

People don’t get what they want when their ideas are vague, and don’t spell them out clearly.

  • Allow yourself to dream. Discover what you want for yourself. Not your family’s or a cultural definition but decide for yourself what you want and who you want to become.
  • Goals pair nicely with clarity, so define what you want exactly. Write it down! Go granular and get really specific so your left-brain knows when you’ve accomplished them.

Mixed Messages Much?

Manifesting Mixed Messages

Dreams do come true and the Law of Attraction works, but in order to trust the process and manifest your goals, it’s vital to send out clear signals. Align your energy with your intentions so they’re a match to the results you actually want.

What follows is too easy to do! One of the most common mistakes while manifesting is to project a mixed-signal vibration, telling the Universe to “Go Away,” which repels what you desire, while simultaneously putting out the “Welcome” sign in an attempt to attract it. This is confusing! Clarity eliminates confusion and clears up misaligned energy.

Identify those places where you aren’t in alignment with your vision. When you’re not in alignment, you can’t manifest it.

Use the power of clarity to your advantage with the Living Vision Board.

The Living Vision Board, a whole brain practice, helps bring your vision to life through the power of your soulful and creative right brain + the answer-finding skills of your left brain which = bringing what you want into physical form.