by Cricket Wingfield, MD

Did you know that today's young adult is more likely than ever to delay getting married? Whether you decided to focus on your career first or you’ve just never met the right one, you're likely wondering how to find the ideal partner to spend your life with. 

Does the ideal romantic relationship always seem to elude you? Do you find yourself in a string of bad relationships or just wondering where the spark went in your current relationship?   

If so, then you could use the power of a relationship vision board. Don't worry if you don't know what that is or how to make one because we've got you covered. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know to manifest the ideal relationship in your life. 

What Is a Relationship Vision Board?

Just as a vision board can help you visualize other goals in your life, a relationship vision board can do the same. Whether you're in a relationship already or still looking for Mr. Wonderful, you can use the power of a relationship vision board.

The key is to know what you want from your relationship so you know it when you see it. 

We are very visual creatures and when we see certain images, words, and short phrases on a regular basis we begin to internalize these messages. This is the power of creating a vision board to improve relationships in your life. You can create a vision board for love to help you see every day what your ideal relationship looks like. 

How to Increase Love in a Relationship

As mentioned you can create a vision board to improve a relationship you're already in or to manifest your ideal relationship. If you're already part of a couple, think about what you want more of in your relationship. When you know what you want you will become more aware when it happens and then you can compliment them on it and appreciate it when it happens. A specific appreciation is usually received much better than a general one. 

Additionally, think about who you want to be in your relationship. Put up images or phrases to remind you to be the best you in your relationship as possible. You can include images of yourself on your vision board and you can include images of happy couples holding hands or walking on the beach or whatever inspires you to create the kind of relationship you desire in your life. 

Lastly, ask your partner what they want from your relationship, what they value in a partner, or what new activities they want to include such as a date night. This type of activity can provide valuable bonding for couples and can take your relationship to the next level quickly. 

To manifest a future relationship, you will again begin with what you value in a future partner as well as in your future partnership. What traits or characteristics are important to you? When you list these you will become more aware of them when you see them in future possible mates. 

Determine What You Want in a Relationship

Too many people keep attracting the wrong type of person or find themselves sabotaging good relationships. This can happen when we spend too much time thinking about what we don't want. With a vision board, you instead start with what you do want. 

Take the time to decide what you do want from your ideal relationship. Then focus on these personalities, traits, and affirmations instead. This will draw the positive into your life rather than spending too much time thinking and complaining about what you don't want. 

When you create a vision board in this manner, you surround yourself with the positive attributes you deserve.

And once you create it, set an intention to truly focus on it, and savor the positive each day so you remind your subconscious what to look for as you go through your day. You'll be surprised what has already been around you all along but you didn't recognize it because you were focused on the negative instead of on what you want.  

Create a Living Vision Board

For a lot of people, creating your vision board is the first step. You can run out to the store and buy a poster board and gather some magazines with pictures you like and that support your dreams.  If you enjoy drawing you can draw your images and symbols rather than looking through magazines. You can also run a quick search and choose to look at images then print a few that stand out to you.

Lastly, you can choose to use a complete system by using a tool such as the Living Vision Board process to ensure that you get the structure and support to create your vision board and a life you love.  

Don't worry if you're unsure what to do and how to create a vision board. You can get step-by-step instruction and become part of a community of other like-minded women who are also creating their ideal lives through vision boards. Being a part of a community like this is what will give you the support and clarity you need to finally create the life you want with the perfect partner to share it with.

Manifest Real Love Today

Here at Living Vision Board, we know what you're going through because we've been there too.

In fact, our system was born out of a time of trials and tribulations when one of our founders had her world turned upside down. You might not be in such an extreme situation, but if you're life and relationship status isn't where you want them to be then you can benefit from some support and our process. 

With the power of a relationship vision board, you can begin to see the possibilities around you everywhere you go. It's a powerful phenomenon when you become aware of what you do want and start seeing it manifest. If you're ready to become deliberate in designing the life you want, then check out our Living Vision Board process here

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