by  Cindia Carrere

Cindia Carrere

2022 Vision and Goals

Have you ever wondered why, when you suddenly manifest more money than you’re used to, life seems to find a way to help you spend the extra money on unexpected bills or an expense you hadn’t planned on? Or something feels too good to be true and you kinda freak out and have a hard time receiving it (free time, love, attention, compliments …).

Ooooh, tell me more!

That’s because there’s something at play here called your Manifesting Set-Point.

The familiar

A manifesting Set-Point is an internal gauge, much like a thermostat, that automatically regulates the flow of desires in and out of your experience. The Set-Point’s job is to keep you safe and comfortable, which means it’s designed to continually return your “reality” to a familiar state, otherwise known as a “familiar pattern.”

If you dip below or above your comfortable money temperature, your manifesting Set-Point will kick in — to either cool things down or heat them back up — and help you find a way to adjust your income back to what you’re used to. Remember, familiar and comfortable = safe.


Manifesting Set-Points are usually subconscious, hidden beneath the surface of awareness, but are made visible by the physical reality of what’s in your wallet, the state of your health, the quality of your relationships, the level of your fulfillment, the condition of your life.

Your life is a reflection of what you’ve been putting out into the world, and this is why you have what you have. This is great news, BTW, because it means you’re an amazing manifester! You are a walking magnet, repelling or attracting into your life what you’ve envisioned to date — people, situations, experiences, and things, including money.

This is based on your filters — what you believe, what you think you deserve, and what you allow into your life or ultimately reject. Just so you know, there are no “after hours” when manifesting. This is because humans are a thinking, feeling, sleeping, dreaming species, creating 24/7.

Ta Da! To Manifest is to embody the energy of what you desire and bring it into form so you can experience and enjoy it with your senses.

But what happens if you don't know what you want?

Now this is tricky. Because the truth is, on some level you do know. You daydream. You night dream. You look to others and feel twinges of envy for how they are living. All these are clues to what you really long for. What you would really LOVE.


How often have you heard yourself beginning a sentence with “I would love to…” Think about that! That phrase is vital guidance to what you want because clarity is a pre-requisite to manifesting what you desire. The clearer you are about what you want, the more likely you are to experience it. For example:

  • Developing spiritual security and fulfillment
  • Cultivating financial peace and prosperity
  • Traveling often
  • Retiring wealthy
  • Having time and energetic freedom
  • Co-creating healthy relationships

Vibrational Codes

Just like cell phones have unique identifying numbers for people to call each other on purpose instead of punching in random numbers (okay, some people probably do that), each of us emits a frequency that is tangible and identifiable. And everything under the sun also transmits its own distinct frequency.

You broadcast your desires like a radio signal out into the Universe and a reply bounces back if there’s a match to your target. Wuh-woh, if the vibrational codes don’t match, nothing happens.

Why is this important to setting goals and manifesting? Glad you asked!

Let’s say you’d like to manifest $1,00,000. Cool! A million dollars emits a completely different frequency or energetic signal than fifty bucks, right? You’ve got to embody the same energy or vibrational code a million dollars has if you want a million dollars to swipe right. You have to attract it to become a match.

Stay with me here. In order for your subconscious to feel “safe,” you must consciously and deliberately become familiar with the vibration of your desire. This requires practice and new muscles to hold the image and embody the vibration of what you want.

On the surface, you may think raising your manifesting Set-Point to a million dollars would be totally awesome, but if there’s any resistance lurking in your subconscious because it believes that’s impossible, or it would be too much work, or someone you know wouldn’t approve, or people would get greedy and try to take your money away from you, your vibrations won’t be a match. Bummer!

Let’s remedy that. To ensure that a million dollars recognizes you, get acquainted with that frequency. Immerse yourself in it, open yourself up to it, merge your energy with its energy so that your vibrational codes synchronize. Your radar will ping it and you’ll get a holla in return. This applies to everything you want, not just the greenbacks.


Aligning yourself to what you want is a spiritual practice and a skill. As we move into 2022, clear and release energetic blocks that keep you stuck or getting random, inconsistent results that aren’t aligned with the same frequency as your goal.

The Living Vision Board celebrates people who are goal getters, who choose results instead of excuses, and hold themselves accountable to manifest their desired outcomes. If you’d like to goal up and create a vision board practice for 2022 that raises your Manifesting Set-Point, click here.