You Have a Dominant Manifesting Archetype

Are You using it to Create the Life You Want?

Discover your Manifesting Style, your innate power to manifest your dreams.

Awakening the Archetypes

Do you ever wonder how a woman like Oprah Winfrey can glide back and forth between being what we call a Light Keeper of wisdom, a Generational Healer breaking barriers, and then become the Rain Maker rolling in wealth?

That's because those Archetypes are all at play, all embodied, all awakened and working together to help her manifest her destiny.

The same is possible for you, too!

When you need to get a project started, imagine knowing how to activate your Fire Starter Archetype.

Or how to unleash your Rain Maker Archetype when you need a cash infusion!

An archetype represents an original and concentrated aspect of human nature, stemming from the collective unconscious.

The Feminine Manifesting Archetypes represent 12 styles of calling forth our uniquely feminine powers of creation.

Don’t leave this HUGE power source untapped. Use this knowledge to make your life better!

Find out what your Feminine Archetype says about your innate power to manifest your dreams.

The key is knowing what drives you. What powers your decision-making. What fuels your responses to life!

It's the Sacred Feminine Archetype that lives within you. She’s powerful and here to support you.

It’s time to use her power and strength to manifest your goals and dreams.

While you have a dominant archetype whose energy is the MOST influential, you actually have 12 feminine energies at play in your life that are  working behind the scenes.

Each of them is a potent activator of specific energies that, when activated, can massively influence what you can make happen, and the level of fulfillment in your life journey.

Feminine Manifesting Archetype

When you recognize ALL of the Archetypes within you and how to partner with them at will, you'll have a huge source of power at your fingertips.

Your primary archetype has the potential to be your greatest ally (or your biggest hurdle) in manifesting a life you love.

Find yours in the Awakening The Archetypes Guide, which reveals your primary Archetype's:

Relationship to money
Patterns in love
How to integrate their gifts
And more...

The Awakening the Archetypes guide contains a QUIZ that
uncovers the scoop on your personal Manifesting Archetype.

Now, this Archetype quiz isn’t a superficial, “What kind of cupcake are you based on your zodiac sign?” kind of quiz. It’s an in-depth profile.

When you understand your potent manifesting combination, what can happen for you?

Feminine Manifesting Archetype

You'll discover:

Your personal manifesting style so you can draw to you more quickly the life that you want
Your own dominant archetype and the primary way you function in the world
Which archetypes are at play in various situations and the impact they have on your life
How to better understand yourself and draw upon the strengths of any archetype you need in the moment
Become aware of the aspects that influence you unconsciously, so you won’t be sabotaged by them
Your Archetype's shadow side so you can avoid pitfalls that have been plaguing you your whole life  
How to leverage your relationship skills and stop making the same mistakes over and over
Your relationship to money so you can have more of it
How to harness your superpowers so you can make every day of the week your favorite
How to use these gifts to your advantage and manifest a life you love

As you as you begin to know the Archetypes more deeply within yourself, you'll be able to call on them at will and start to manifest a fuller version of your dreams and desires. You'll be able to easily spot the presence of these Archetypes in your toughest relationships, your biggest accomplishments and opportunities, your patterns and habits.

Imagine how empowered you'll feel when you can harness the advantage of the archetypal energies at work.

Get the Guide, take the quiz, discover your dominant Manifesting Archetype, and gain mastery in the 12 Sacred Feminine Energies.

You deserve to live your dream life and your archetype can help you!