by  Cindia Carrere

Cindia Carrere

“If you wish to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy,
frequency, and vibration.” 

~ Nikola Tesla

When you were a little kid, imagine if you were asked to, “Raise your hand if you want your life to suck.”

Unless it was the class clown, do you s’pose there would’ve been any takers? Has anyone actually desired to make their own life full of misery, or created a vision board full of suffering?

Yeaaaah, nooooo.

Most of us have dreams, and we long to live a life we love. Not just occasionally, but every day of the week. Who chooses to enjoy several good days but intentionally dread the others?
If you want to thrive, manifest your dreams, and create a life you love with 7 favorite days of the week, try a mindset cleanse and flush old beliefs goodbye. Buh-bye now!

Since thoughts are free, you may as well choose the best ones — the kind that harness the power of your subconscious mind to work on your behalf instead of against you.

Thoughts such as you’re “not worthy” or “deserving” or that you “can’t have what you want,” lowers your vibration, and your vibration sets the tone for EVERYTHING. What’s showing up in your world now sprouts from past thoughts and emotions and the good news is, at least we hope it’s good news, is that the vibration you’re in now is creating your next experience!

Powerful Manifestation Techniques

Learn to read and respond to what you’re creating in your inner world before it manifests externally.

NY Times best-selling author Christy Whitman says, “Developing the ability to work with energy is the key to magnetizing all that we want to manifest in our lives.”

But what does developing the ability to work with energy and magnetizing look like? Since humans are vibrational beings, another word for energy is sensation or emotion. And yes, for some, the dreaded f-word . . . feeeeeeeelings.

It comes down to this: Your vibration, which is your most valuable asset, is a potent combination of your thoughts, words, beliefs and emotions  — and they’re all portals to different dimensions, including FREEDOM, or they can become chains depending on your habits and self-imposed restrictions.

Powerful Manifestation Techniques

The secret to achieving your dreams and manifesting money is paying attention to your vibrational offering  — the frequency you are emitting  — because the Law of Attraction works! Start by eavesdropping on your mental chatter and steering the internal conversation to positive thoughts, like what you’re excited about and what you’d rather experience, instead of focusing on what’s missing or irking you.

There are three basic ways of working with energy:
Resisting it, allowing it, or some combo of the two.

Driving a vehicle isn’t all gas or 100% brake, but finessing the right amount of speed, attentiveness, and stops along the way to arrive where you’d like to go. The power of manifestation to achieve your dreams (creating what you desire), is similar.

The Key to Manifesting is the ability to imagine the presence of what you desire more than the absence of it.

You must be able to carry or hold the essence inside yourself of whatever it is that you desire to be, have, or do.   

Check in with your emotions to see how you’re feeling right now, in order to make sure that your current vibrational offering is in alignment with your desired outcome. In other words, are you actually resisting or allowing your desire? Are you creating harmonic resonance, or split-energy dissonance?

If you’re wanting to become masterful at manifesting techniques to achieve your desires and manifest love, curate your energy by design and EMBODY THE FREQUENCY YOU’RE WANTING TO ATTRACT. Bottom line? The results you’re getting are based on your energy style. Every person on the planet resonates at a particular frequency, and yours is as individual and unique as your fingerprint. It belongs to you and only you.

Other people can imitate your style, but no one can copy your energy. Everything you create in your life and business is imprinted with it. Did you know that your energy style can actually ATTRACT money? (or repel it?) Attract love? (or repel it?)

Your energy signature precedes you. The thoughts and feelings you embody are what you project and what you project co-creates your reality. Raising your vibration is one of the most important things you can do in your life because people who are able to upgrade their energy uplevel their lives.

Powerful Manifestation Techniques

One of the most powerful manifesting techniques is to fine-tune your vibrational content and allow better to come in. Olympic-train your mind to focus on the positive. Guess what? You have a powerful tool in your human operating system to help you do just that. It sifts through 11 million bits of information per second (that’s right  — 11 million per second!!), curating the top 50 for your conscious mind to process.

Your Reticular Activating System, or RAS superpower, is like having a spam filter on steroids, a specialized search engine, and a personal butler or concierge all wrapped up in one amazing network of neurons in your brain. It filters out the junk and voila! provides you with the most important information. But you have to train it to know your preferences like an algorithm  — you know, how Netflix or Amazon says, “Well, if you liked that, you’ll probably like this. . . .”

Once your RAS has done its job of filtering and serving up the TOP 50 to your conscious mind, you are now in the power position to direct your conscious awareness through intention.

Your conscious awareness isn’t something that just is, that sits there like a bump on a log  — it’s something you direct, like a conductor leading a symphony, in the direction you want it to go. The neurons that fire in your brain act like magnets upon the field of energy around you and shapes your material world from concept to reality.

What Is The Most Powerful Manifesting Technique?

Using a focus wheel or a dream board like the Living Vision Board. This puts your reticular activating system on hyper-alert to notice everything relating to your vision, dreams and goals. The Living Vision Board marries the metaphysical with science to help you reach your goals and achieve your dreams as if by magic.