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Create a life that makes your soul smile!

ATTENTION — Calling all multi-passionate, multi-faceted women ready for life’s next big, beautiful chapter!

It’s time to usher in a new season in your life. One where you’re free to pursue passions that fulfill you, experience deep, juicy love that inspires you, try out new creative hobbies that energize you, and discover exactly who YOU are again.

Stop if This Sounds Familiar... 

You’re a smart cookie. A hard worker. The type of woman to tick all the boxes in life and in love. Still…. you have a longing for more

You’ve selflessly served your family, your partner, your career, or your team. Overall, you’re happy, and yet… you have a yearning you can’t fully explain

For whatever reason, you’ve taken stock of where you are and you’ve decided to flip the script.

You know, deep down, your life is not your own until you can follow your purpose, passions, and the callings of your heart and you’re ready to spend the next phase of your life going after people and things that excite and energize you. 

It’s time to take charge of your destiny!

The problem?
You don't know where to start.

Where do I start?

It's a Story That's Far Too Common...

Maybe you had big dreams when you were younger but your desires had to take a back seat to your responsibilities. 

Raise the kids, pay the bills, be a good partner, manage the biz… whatever the case, life got in the way. 

And now, you’ve felt a shift. 

Did you recently become an empty nester?
Experience a big health change?
End a long-standing relationship? 
Or is this extraordinary time in history we’re all in fanning the flames of something new inside you and ultimately, what’s led you to decide that you’re done compromising your wants, needs, passions, and desires? 

Are you finally ready to put yourself first?


The Living Vision Board
Manifesting Course + Mastermind Community

The sacred space & step-by-step support for women ready to live
the second half of life with boundless joy, passion, and alignment.

Designed to nurture your dreams and surround you with uplifting support, The Living Vision Board Manifesting Course + Mastermind Community is deeply attuned to the unique ways women manifest, the ways we feel most nourished, and the way we are born to experience and expand life.

  "I have seen miracle upon miracle unfold in my business, home, marriage, and family...

When I first learned about the Living Vision Board (LVB) at the workshop they taught, I was all in. I haven’t missed a day in nearly two years and my daily LVB practice has changed me and my life at so many levels. Sticky times in my marriage have become unstuck. Thanks to these two women and the amazing concept that is the LVB, manifestation and intention are now the clay I play with each morning—and I have seen miracle upon miracle unfold in my business, home, marriage and family. I know I will never not have the LVB in my life.
Thank you, Cricket and Cindia."

Madeleine Eno

Madeleine Eno
Sandy, Oregon

A Sister-to-Sister Truth:

Following your passions & scripting your most beautiful
life with manifestation is your greatest superpower. 


Because you deserve a life where:

You create 7 favorite days of the week.
You breathe life into your dreams and goals.
You embody your confident self. No apologies.
You live life on your own terms.
You manifest with clarity and purpose.
You have the freedom to do what you want when you want to do it.
You  magnetize more fun, money, and romance..
You find the balance between work and play.

However, if it all seems impossible right now...

Stop scrolling and do a quick check-in… if any of the following describe your experience, then it’s past time to make a shift!

Wondering what to do?

Are you wondering what to do?

You know what you don’t want, but you haven’t got a clear vision for what you do want to create for yourself. Let alone where to start.

Have you lost touch with your passions and desires?

We get it. You’ve been busy with family and paying the bills, and now it’s time to rediscover what flips your skirt, makes you laugh, and fills your heart with endless joy.

Fill your heart with joy
Listen to your own voice

Are you relying on other people's opinions?

We’ve all been there, listening to family or friends telling us what they think we should do. Don’t let those voices become so internalized that you can’t find your own. Find your own passion, your purpose, and discover what makes your soul smile.

Do you fear getting it wrong,
so never really start?

You know those yucky feelings you get when you think others are judging you or when you’re your own harshest critic? Not fun. Fear can short-circuit your dreams, and you don’t know how to get out of that spin cycle and move forward with confidence.

Move forward with confidence
fuel your dreams

Do you have a sacred space and time to vision cast your dreams,
passions, and future?

We know it’s hard to focus on your dreams when you have mashed bananas in your hair from caring for a child, grandchild, or aging parent. You’d be surprised how little time and space is needed to ignite and fuel your dreams back to life. Consistency and quality are far more potent than quantity.

Hi, we're Cindia Carrere and Dr. Cricket Wingfield, creators of the Living Vision Board (LVB) and we want you to know that you have the power to create a fresh, new, breathtakingly beautiful life.

"How", you ask...?

Well, imagine if you were consistently in communication with your soul, in relationship with your deepest desires... Think what could happen if you knew exactly what you wanted and had the tools to help bring it to fruition!

Whether you want to:

Write a book
Retire early and wealthy
Go on a dream vacation
Build your dream house
Start a business
Spark old passions
Spark new passions
Fall deeply in love
Go on a grand adventure
Here's to your next adventure

You have the power to create a life you truly love.

The Living Vision Board Manifesting Course + Mastermind Community gives you the safe and open space to nurture and grow the whispers of your heart into real-life dreams come true.

In it, you get:

Your very own
Living Vision Board

Manifesting Course

Access to the uplifting
LVB Community

Create my fresh, new,
breathtakingly beautiful life

How it Works

The Living Vision Board Manifesting Course takes the guesswork out of manifesting. 

You’ll learn to create and use your very own Living Vision Board and, with the help of an uplifting community, you’ll get the support you need to stay committed to creating the life you desire. 

Whether you use The Living Vision Board for a few minutes every day, a couple times a week, or whenever you can give to it — you can watch all your big (and little) dreams come true! 

No creativity? No problem

You don’t have to “be a creative person” to experience the beauty and grace of this manifesting book. 

With the LVB Manifesting Course, you’ll be guided step-by-step through the fun and simple ways to turn your dreams into real-life manifestations.

  "You will quietly, peacefully begin

to know yourself better and learn the language of your version of creativity, which doesn’t need to be like anyone else’s (and how could it be?) You’ll have access to a practice that has any flavor you like — bold and wild or quiet and rich or joyful and irreverent — and that flavor can change moment by moment. You’ll be squirting your creative muscles with juicy fizzy WD40 and see what happens when you shape your life, one wish or idea at a time.”

Brynn Breuner

Brynn Breuner
Reno, Nevada

However you choose to show up is exactly right, right now.

The Living Vision Board is completely based on a rhythm and self-expression that is totally unique to you

Don’t worry about how to do it exactly right (that’s one of the things keeping your heart from coming alive, dear one), instead, start exploring your passions & joys and activating new levels of the pure, authentic, creative power within you in whatever way you can. 

One of our LVB-ers had this to say about finding her own style with the Living Vision Board... 

“You’ll learn how to bend time! If days or more go by, the space time continuum will fold into itself and suddenly it’s just a new moment where ideas rush in! You’ll start to learn and trust your own patterns and rhythms. You’ll become even more incomparable!”

Take A Look Inside The Living Vision Board
Manifesting  Course + Mastermind Community

The Living Vision Board

Living Vision Board Books

The Living Vision Board is a cross-pollination of a journal, vision board, and calendar, but without all the doctors’ appointments and to-do’s. 

It’s a private place to dream as big as you want and to follow your own rhythm. It’s your home, where your dreams come to life.

What can you do with it?

The short answer is — virtually anything
The long answer — well, here’s a list of things our clients and we have already called in:

more loving relationships with their partner
weight loss
more money
added clients in their biz (without marketing)
an all-expense paid tropical vacation
a brand-new home
meaningful, fulfilling, great-paying work
starting their own business
 better relationships with their kids
freed-up time to enjoy hobbies, passions, and fun activities
deeper self-love, self-regard, and confidence
amplified intuition
alignment to deepest truths and wisdom
more peace and calm, even when they're busy

How to use it?

Think “vision board” but with more freedom and refinement. The time commitment is up to you. You can spend 10 minutes or several hours or mix it up to create the life you want to live.

How do you create in it?

Everyone brings their own flare to their LVB and YOU WILL TOO
You can draw, paint, paste pictures, or write. Use pens, markers, stickers, magazine cutouts, or watercolor. 

You get to choose how to create in your Living Vision Board!

In fact, the LVB Manifesting Course was created to help you discover the rhythm and style that works just for YOU

Check out some snapshots of our community showing off their Living Vision Boards. You can see how unique and beautiful they all are in their own way!

Living Vision Board Page

The Living Vision Board Manifesting Course

The Living Vision Board itself helps you harness the extraordinary powers of the goal-setting left-brain with the intuitive, visioning right brain to outline your wildest dreams…

 And the LVB Manifesting Course helps you take action to get them! 

We’ve taken every question our clients have asked about:
HOW to use the Living Vision Board
WHAT kind of materials to vision cast with
WHEN to practice your manifesting ritual 

PLUS… you’re getting tons of examples and samples to inspire and energize your own creativity and sacred feminine power. 

You’ll have everything you need to use the Living Vision Board to create and take charge of your destiny!

You’ll discover:

Why the hybrid approach of the LVB is based on science and feels like magic, making it an incredibly effective manifesting tool.
How to fully engage your imagination and creativity even if you don't think you're artistic.
How to match the frequency of your dreams — and choose things that align with those dreams to put into your LVB book.
How to use just a few minutes a day to get your mojo started, get out of your rut and into your groove.
How to rewire your brain to identify and focus on only that which you want to manifest.
How to expand your self-awareness and bring in more compassion and forgiveness.
5 Energies to super-charge your manifesting skills (most visualization and goal setting leave these out and it's why so many women struggle to see lasting results without them!)
And so much more!

The  Inspiring and Uplifting LVB Mastermind Community

The LVB Community is a sisterhood of big-hearted women and is the place to go to ask questions, share your creations, and connect with other women who are diving into their dreams and exercising the courage to go after them. 

You’ll always have someone to lean on. Someone to bounce ideas off of. Someone to help you dream bigger and bolder, and remind you of your greatness when you forget (because we all do, sometimes). 

You can feel safe to be who you are in the Living Vision Board Community. We’ve got your back and we believe in you and your dreams!

"The LVB Community is great.

Having a course and community devoted to manifesting and creating is amazing. First, it’s very personal. Having the fun and interactive Zoom meetings is a great way to learn and share as well as get to know each other. Seeing what other people are sharing is very helpful for stimulating my own creativity and I get great ideas about “visions” that I hadn't thought about myself. The LVB community is also great for accountability and consistency.

Elise Holcombe

Elise Holcombe
Portland, Oregon

Manifest Your Dreams

Create the breathtakingly beautiful
life of your dreams!

How the Living Vision Board works:

1 You receive your very own Living Vision Board in the mail. A tangible book you can hold in your hands, put beside your bed, and return to, day after day, becoming your sacred personal treasure.
2 You choose a few minutes to devote to your practice. That’s right. Your presence is what’s important. Not how much time you can put in. Just a few minutes each day or 30 minutes each week can set you on the path to manifest the life you want.
3 You open your book and let yourself be guided to create a page for each of your heart’s desires. Use intuition to choose words, images, and elements that energize the frequency to align with what you want. 
4 You’ll receive fun and thought-provoking prompts to inspire your creativity and help you gain clarity around which desires you want to focus on right now.
5 You’ll be part of a vibrant community where you can share your wins, your creations, and inspirations. Our weekly LIVE Playtime is a place to learn something, do something, and connect with new friends.
6 Watch what happens in your life as you shape your dreams into reality. You can have more of what you want.

What's inside of you begging to come alive?

You can create your deepest desires!

Time, energy,  and money freedom
A community of support for your vision
Creative playtime
Conversations with your soul and higher self
Deepening intuition
Aligning with ease, flow, joy, and magic
Looking forward to each day without stress or dread
Time for yourself to relax and enjoy
Abundance, prosperity and fun, fun, fun!

Doing what makes your soul happy — that’s what we’re dedicated to inside The Living Vision Board Manifesting Course + Mastermind Community.

Ready to join?
Here's how to make it happen

Click the button below to put the final touches on your registration.
Once complete, we’ll mail you your Living Vision Board and give you immediate access to
the Living Vision Board Course + Community so you can get started on creating the life you desire!

But that's not all!

In addition to the entire Living Vision Board Manifesting Course + Mastermind Community, you’re also going to get twice a month mastermind sessions, plus bi-weekly LIVE Playtime and not one, but FOUR bonuses to supercharge your manifestation energy and awaken your inner creativity (FYI… if you don’t think you’re “creative” you’re going to LOVE these!).

24 tips for when you have no clue how to start

Bonus #1
Facing The Blank Page

The blank page can be a scary thing, especially if you don’t think of yourself as a creative person. (By the end of this program, you will!) So Facing the Blank Page is your invitation to connect to the Muse. It will show you how to use the beauty of the blank page to focus your energy and intention to create a life you love.

With simple exercises to help you tap into and awaken the creative potential you were born with, this creativity “cheat sheet” will help you be creative at will. You’ll be amazed at what you come up with!

Bonus #2
Powerful Prompts for
Your Inspiration and Creativity

You’ll receive over 50 inspirational prompts. Use these when your creative engine has stalled to spark your imagination and prime the creative pump.

Cindia and Cricket LVB

Bonus #3
A productivity and prioritizing session with Cindia and Cricket

Clear space for your vision and further uncover your desires when you meet with the creators of the Living Vision Board in an intimate session designed to help further your understanding of manifestation. 

Additional Bonuses

In addition to the video modules, you’ll also receive a complete set of PDF transcripts and Audio-only files.

The Power of Community!

Bring your Living Vision Board and let’s create together!

We’ll get together weekly for LIVE Playtime Office Hours. Don’t let the “playful” name fool you. These sessions are POWERFUL.

You’ll get art tutorials, manifesting ideas to sharpen your skills, and exercises to deepen the connection to your intuition and higher self. There'll be time to develop your practice, and we’ll open up the session for questions, connections, accountability, and to share and celebrate what we’re working on.

What do you want to create?

Happy LVB Clients


The Living Vision Board
Manifesting Course + Mastermind Community

The LVB  Manifesting Course — $1,997

Includes your own Living Vision Board book and video modules

The LVB Mastermind Community + 6 Months of Live Office Hours/Playtime — $4,997

Bonus #1: Facing The Blank Page — $97

Bonus #2: Powerful Prompts for Your Inspiration and Creativity — $97

Bonus #3: A Prioritizing and Productivity Session to make way for your vision  $497

Additional Bonuses: Audio only files and PDF transcripts of all modules and guided meditations

Total Value — $7,685

All this for  $1,997

The LVB is for you if...

You want more love, abundance, creativity, and vitality in your life
You want to surround yourself with positively energized women who share your passion for life
You want to practice the highest degree of self-love, self-care, and self-confidence
You refuse to live the next 20 years of your life on anyone else’s terms and are committed to honoring your truth
You want your life, work or business to be fulfilling and financially secure
You want money and time freedom
You want a satisfying, passionate relationship
You want to retire wealthy
You want to establish deep intuition and a strong spiritual life
You want to reconnect with your dreams and shape them into reality
You want a deeper connection with yourself, your feminine power, and your core purpose
You are a woman ready for the next amazing chapter of your life
You know it’s TIME

The LVB is Not for you if...

You’re willing to settle for a life you don’t love
You’re problem-focused rather than solution-oriented
You let your hurts shape your future, not your dreams
You're a complainer and want to hold onto your excuses
You stay out of the ring, and criticize those who get in
You poo-poo vision boards, manifesting, or anything woo or arty
You’re afraid to try new things, blame others for your problems, or have a “fixed” (rather than growth) mindset

Create your fresh, new, breathtakingly beautiful life & make your soul sing


Get the facts about the Living Vision Board

How is the Living Vision Board different from a traditional or more typical vision board?

LOVE this question. It’s one of the BIG reasons we feel so strongly about helping women discover the Living Vision Board.

Don’t get us wrong. Stand alone Vision Boards are awesome in their own way. Cricket and I have made plenty of them ourselves — pasting pictures and words on a poster board to represent our goals.

Only, we’ve found there’s a slight problem with that…

Most people take their poster board full of “someday” goals, hang it on a wall somewhere until it’s dusty, then jam it behind a bookcase or stick it in the back of the closet and forget all about it.

All those dreams and desires… forgotten along with it.

The Living Vision Board, by contrast, is a consistent, dynamic practice. A standing appointment with your soul!

It’s a manifesting tool that asks you to tune into your own knowing, your own intuition, your own guidance, and co-create your own reality every single day (or whatever rhythm works best for you).

It’s a way of communicating with your Higher Self and your future self all at once, giving your dream oxygen and attention and placing what you desire in the forefront of your consciousness.

Soon, goals become daily habits and wishes become real and actual ways of life. The Living Vision Board anchors your energy and focus to the present rather than the past or the “hang it on the wall and forget about it” future.

Suddenly, without even realizing it, a change will occur.

And you have a breathtaking moment of realizing that you aren’t just creating your Living Vision Board…

That what you wanted to create has been created. You have become it.

What if I'm not creative or artistic? Will I still see results with the Living Vision Board?

Heck yeah!  So you consider yourself not creative? Well that’s awesome! You’ll find your natural creative spark with the LVB Process, and your skills will grow. Your energy will bring results, not your artistic skills.

What if I have a lot on my plate? Will I still benefit from a few moments a day or week inside the LVB?

Absolutely! Just a few minutes in your LVB will connect you to your dreams, and keep what you want at the tip top of your mind, so you can stay focused and bring your vision to life!

This all sounds great! Can you remind me of everything I get?

We’ve made this program chock full of value! Here’s what you get:

* Your own Living Vision Board Book to house your vision, dreams and goals.
* The LVB  Manifesting Course Video Modules where you’ll learn manifesting skills and how to shape your dreams into reality.
* The LVB Mastermind Community and Support
* 6 months of LVB LIVE Playtime with Cindia & Cricket
* Bonus #1 — Facing the Blank Page
* Bonus #2 — Powerful Prompts for Inspiration and Creativity
* Bonus #3 — Audio only files of video modules
* Bonus #4 — Transcripts of video modules
* Bonus #5 — Guided meditations

More About Your LVB Creators


Cindia Carrere is an award-winning writer, entrepreneur, and co-creator of the Living Vision Board. After the life-changing news that both her mother and dear friend were passing, Cindia was inspired to create a daily vision board to awaken, align, and activate her deepest dreams and bring them to life. The first Living Vision Board was born and the journey to miraculous manifestation and transformation began. Today, as a money, energy and style shamanista, Cindia works with soul-led women to match their vision, energy, and style so they manifest the life they crave. She currently lives in Southern Oregon with her husband and their adorable dog Henry.

Cricket Wingfield, M.D. is a successful entrepreneur, executive coach, Reiki master, and the other half of the Living Vision Board. When it comes to creativity, she has the ‘golden touch’. After working as the Medical Director at Pepperdine University, Cricket owned and ran a business that she built from 0 to 7 figures in annual income within 3 years, which was a huge community success. She’s also conducted yoga and creativity retreats for the past 25 years. Since 2009, Cricket has been a transformational coach for a wide range of corporate and personal clients. Her client roster includes dozens of clients from Coca-Cola, BP, Docusign, and many more.


Together, these women embody the modern renaissance woman of today. Heart-driven, creative, expressive, multi-passionate, and deeply committed to helping other women create the life that makes their soul come alive.

What Our Manifestors Are Saying

So Glad I Did It

Carrie Roldan

Carrie Roldan

Agent of Creation

The LVB is a living and breathing way to stay so woven with your own life and to come to know yourself as an agent of creation. Creation of your every day and every moment. It has made my life feel like beautiful clay to work with, rather than something that was just happening to me, something I had to get through until I could do all the things I wanted to do.

  I am eternally grateful to Cinda and Cricket for their ground-breaking and life-changing contribution to the world!

Madeleine Eno

Madeleine Eno

Playful Engagement

The LVB process and book transform dry goal setting and annual planning into a playful and creative engagement with how Life wants to emerge in a joyful way on a daily basis. It’s a form of self-accountability to be able to see how consistently you’re reinforcing your intentions and taking your actions.

It’s a great place to do collage or art journaling to keep your right brain and heart involved in creating the life you desire.

Karen Joy Fritz

Karen Joy Fritz

Create the life you desire.
Create the life you deserve!

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