by Cricket Wingfield, MD

What is Spirituality?

Do you ever find yourself wondering about the meaning of life, why we’re here, and what’s possible? Heady questions, when most of us are busy keeping up with our jobs, family, the business of life, and trying to have some fun along the way.

In full transparency, I’m not a religious person connected to any particular faith, yet I feel deeply connected to the spiritual aspect of my being. The essence of who I am, the witness, watching as I go through life having the vast array of human experiences.

I see us each carrying a spark of the flame of life, the mystery, God, the Divine Essence, the soul, the higher self, a higher power, each manifesting our own expression of that essence. When I use the word God, that’s what I mean.

Part of life’s meaning is to discover our own aspect of that flame, and journey back toward it, making the most of every part of our being. A spiritual being in human form, learning, growing, and ultimately returning to our deepest self, should we choose, as the river returns to the sea.

Connect with your higher self

There are many paths to connect with your soul, and every religion points to a direct experience of living in full alignment with it. To be fully awake, living in our essence, is also known as enlightenment. Awakening. Most of us have glimpses of that knowing, then slip back into ordinary awareness. In and out. So how to have more awareness?

Developing a spiritual practice

A spiritual practice is one where we spend focused time connecting to ourselves at a deeper level. Allowing the chatter of our mental mind to take a back seat, and listening at a deeper level, a soul level, helps connect us into a place of peace. Praying, listening, inquiring. I once heard that praying is talking to God, and meditating is listening. The mental chatter doesn’t turn off completely and it can take a back seat to pure awareness if we allow it. Don’t believe everything you think.

When we take time to connect more deeply with ourselves, we can hone our listening skills to hear the whispers of the heart and align with our soul’s purpose.

A daily spiritual practice

The more focus we give to our spiritual selves, the more connected we’ll feel. There are many practices to ground ourselves, open the heart, and increase our capacity to live in love, compassion, and courage. Even a few minutes each day can have a big impact. How might your perspective change if you identify as a spiritual being living in a human body?

Spiritual Practices

Becoming present in the moment is a portal to spiritual connection. Our mental mind tends to take us back to rehash the past or forward into the future, with plans, strategies and to-do lists. I imagine we’ve all sat to meditate or pray, and the mind takes down the various rabbit holes of thought.  Then we remember, and reconnect.

One of the simplest ways to ground ourselves is through the breath, and the senses. The only time you can experience your senses in the present, whether through the 5 external senses or the internal sensations of the breath moving in and out, the gut rumbling and moving, or the heart beating. Connecting to sensation is a good grounding in the present as a doorway to deeper listening.

Living Vision Board as a Daily Spiritual Practice

The Living Vision Board is a powerful tool to augment your meditation or prayer practice, and assist your heart opening, as well as gain clarity about your soul’s purpose and personal dreams.

One of the ways we recommend using it, is as a gratitude journal. Focusing on the many blessings in life not only opens the heart, it helps shift the mind toward positive thoughts and feelings.

Listing the people who you love, and another list of people who love you will bring a smile to your heart. Slowing down enough to actually feel the love as you write down the names will have an impact on your overall happiness level as well. There is a circle of support around you.

Using the Living Vision Board to clarify and refine your dreams, keeps you in touch with your soul purpose, and divine inspiration. It also keeps them top of mind, and in focus. 
Your life deserves your focus and attention on what matters most.


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