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Hi, we’re Cindia and Cricket, the co-founders of the Living Vision Board.

Have you noticed how some women seem to breeze through life with relative ease, while the rest of us have obstacles and challenges?

Life sure can throw some serious curveballs that are hard to comprehend and manage at the time. We both have great lives now, but it wasn’t always that way. Neither of us are strangers to loss or grief, and we were brought to our lowest point, before discovering our true calling and a way to manifest something better.

While our Living Vision Board can’t stop the shite from flying, oh boy, can it bring a whole lot of indescribable good — which we can all use a little more of (actually, a whole lot more).

But before we spill any more beans about that, here’s a wee bit about who we are individually.

I’m Cindia Carrere,

a Shamanista of faith. Wait, a whaaaat? The term “shaman” was given to me, and while I’m honored, it doesn’t feel quite right, so I've lightened it up a bit. I’m passionate about guiding women business owners to retrieve their dreams, make more money, and create seven favorite days of the week.

Quality of lifestyle and faith are my top values. When I’m not working with clients, I’m often traveling, kayaking, gardening, reading, and occasionally you’ll find me on a stage doing improv. I’m married to the love of my life, Groom, and we have an adorable dog Henry, a sweet cat, and a feline gargoyle.

LVB Lifestyle - Cindia
LVB Lifestyle - Cricket

I’m Cricket Wingfield, M.D.

a bold and committed woman dedicated to healing, growth, fun, and creativity. Having worked as a family doc, an entrepreneur, a whole-life and executive coach, and an organizer of art and yoga retreats for many years, I’m bringing it all together with the Living Vision Board. You can find me playing on the lake in Montana, walking in the woods, or working in the garden. I love hosting events of all kinds.

This or Something Better

You see, everybody’s got areas in their life that work really well for them, and almost everybody has areas in their life that could use some lovin’ up. The Living Vision Board (LVB) is designed to help women have more areas in their lives that work really well so that they can just relax and know everything is alright and what they want is coming to them.

The LVB is a whole brain process that focuses on whole life living — that harmonious state of soul and mind that encompasses love, health, security, success, wealth, comfort, positive conditions, happiness, wellness, and soundness of mind and heart, with your life’s cup running over with fulfillment, satisfaction, and contentment. Sound yummy?

The Living Vision Board process is based on our own experience.

In 2018, the Living Vision Board was born out of an extremely challenging time in Cindia’s life when her world turned upside down, as both her mother and a dear friend entered the final stages of their lives at the same time. Being torn between two bedsides and a six-hour drive between them, Cindia soon realized that she could be crushed by grief herself if something didn’t change. It was during this realization, that she decided to focus her energy on what she had left to live for, instead of focusing all her energy on what she was losing. She started the practice of using time on the road to write and create pages filled with images and words to lift her spirits, feed her soul, and keep her focus on LIVING.

As the words filled the pages and her future plans were written and spoken into existence, she soon realized how her spirit was filled with energy and a feeling she had almost forgotten existed  LIFE. She didn’t know it at the time, but those pages would soon become the first draft of The Living Vision Board. Soon, as you might have guessed, something strange happened, and she realized all the things that she had put on paper were turning into a divine reality. Things she had only ever dreamed about started to manifest. She shared the practice with friends and clients.

When Medicine and Faith Work Together

Seeing the miraculous changes happening in her friend’s life, Cricket joined forces with Cindia and they launched the Living Vision Board together. It was a natural partnership, starting with their mutual passion for the science and spirituality of manifesting, what they call the skill of deliberate creation, and how much they both geek out on brain facts, and arts and crafts.

With the combined efforts of two deeply passionate, spirited, and playful women who have seen great times but have also been gut-punched by unexpected circumstances, they rose to the challenge by creating a powerful and life-changing manifesting tool.

To their delight, they became more resilient. Challenges smoothed out, financial difficulties morphed into prosperity, and they began to manifest their goals and dreams with more ease. And now, you can too.

Cindia & Cricket with LVB

We’re always manifesting. Everything we look at is a manifestation of ideas, thoughts, emotions, and actions of the past.

The skill is to manifest what you want, what you intend, instead of haphazardly manifesting.

It’s a practice that you’ll get better at with every passing day. It will get easier! As you connect with the LVB, it will help your dreams emerge and you stay accountable to them. It’s a fun, easy, joyful way to connect with yourself, your higher self, and design a life you love.

Cindia & Cricket - LVB Co-Creators

Here are some alternative words and phrases to manifesting:

inviting in
calling in
designing your life
creating the life you want
bring things into your life you want
creating more of what you want
co-creating with the Divine

For some, deliberate creation comes easily or naturally, and for others there’s a bit of resistance around the concept.

Your belief about anything, including manifesting, influences your experience.

If you believe it’s hard, guess what? It probably will be! If you believe vision boards work, and the power of manifesting is easy peasy, then that will likely be your experience.

That’s the whole point of the law of attraction! While it isn’t the only cosmic law at play, how you think and feel about something is what’s coloring, impacting, and creating your next experience.

Shift Your Whole Being to What’s Possible

Here’s the skinny. Manifesting your dreams will require taking action on your own behalf. But instead of having to do it all alone, you have the support of the Universe and the LVB team!

The journey of manifesting is closing the gap from where you are to what you want to be, have, and do, which includes upleveling your mindset, because “What got you here won’t get you there.”

The more you’re in alignment with your soul’s guidance, the smoother life flows. The more ease that comes into your experience, the time lapse between thought and thing becomes quicker.

There’s a new kid on the block, (us), and we’re here to unload all the nitty-gritty details about the beauty of the Living Vision Board and how science, mixed with a little bit of faith and a whole lot of power, can give you the life of your dreams, too. Because, after all, success is so much sweeter when shared.

Living Vision Board page

What’s different about this from vision boards that end up covered in dust, is that it’s a living, dynamic practice that you make your own. It grows as you grow. It’s a dedicated space to play, try new things, clarify and refine your dreams, so your attention and focus grow toward what you want, while making your heart sing and your soul happy.

Here’s what some lovely folks are saying about us:


I am electrified by the Living Vision Board practice!

It’s kept me focused, functioning, and moving forward during periods of transition or grief.

The Living Vision Board book looks like a planner, but it's much, much more. The authors (Cindia & Cricket) have invested years in living with and refining the LVB, and can advise and guide users in every step of the process.

Bonnie McDermid

Bonnie McDermid

Communication with the Universe

The Living Vision Board has been like a brand new fine-tuning dial that has taught me how to pay attention to what I want. It’s been a process of learning, and the speed feels just right to me, because it's my speed, my way. I’ve learned through this process to pay closer attention to nudges and whims. They’ve always been there but now I’m becoming a student of them. It’s like I’m getting a degree in communications, but it’s communication with the universe and with myself.

Brynn Breuner

Brynn Breuner

Whatever your dreams are, trust you’re already on the way to achieving them. We’re here to help mid-life women become full life women, living a lifestyle where you have enough time and money to do all the things you love, and the energy to do what your heart tells you.

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