by Cricket Wingfield, MD

The holidays are coming

As the fall weather sets in, the days get shorter and cooler, and the holidays appear on the horizon.  It’s about this time every year that I look at my house with fresh eyes and think about making it cozier for the coming months when I’ll be spending more time indoors. Whether where you live is your dream home or not,  it’s where you are now, and hopefully, a place to live, relax, restore, and feel most comfortable.  If there are things you don’t love about your home, a little attention can make a big difference in how your home feels and functions. Here’s a list of things you can do, one at a time to make your home sparkle and feel good for the holidays, and the winter ahead.

Take a look around, and take note

I like to take a pencil and notepad and walk around the house, noting places that need attention, a repair, or just a refresh. If what you find feels overwhelming, note it anyway. Once it’s out of your head, it’s easier to address. Whether I’m home alone or have a house full of family and friends, I want my space to feel good to me and welcoming to others.

Pay attention to the energy of your rooms and spaces. Are you drawn to them or just tolerant? Notice what attracts you, whether it’s the light, the view, the comfortable furniture, or the function. You can use your Living Vision Board or other dream board to gather ideas for either your current space or your dream home if you want to hone your ideal vibe.

Loving your home now: form and function

Also, look for how a room functions and if it really suits your lifestyle. Take note of whether what you need in that space is easily accessible, organized, and working. It’s easy to let things pile up, and get out of place when we’re busy, then wonder why our spaces don’t feel cozy and welcoming. Ask yourself, “What would make this room more inviting?”

I also notice the difference in how I feel about a space whether or not it’s clean. A room that’s been cleaned has a much brighter feel. It’s amazing how dusting and organizing a bookcase can make it look and feel so much better than having it randomly stuffed with books and papers, for example.

Let's get real

True confession . . . my office . . . which doubles as an art studio, can get completely out of control if I leave my colored markers, some unfinished art project, or a pile of catalogs lying on the tables and move on to the next thing. Pretty soon, it’s a madhouse of disorder, and I want to avoid it! I loose creative juice and productivity when it’s a mess. I’m learning, however slowly, to complete projects and put things away because it makes me feel better when I enter the room. Ahhh . . . yes, it’s about feeling good in my space.

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