by Cricket Wingfield, MD

We get one time around in this body, and no matter what shape or size it is, it’s amazing! Start loving your body!

Our hearts beat, our lungs breathe, and almost all of it happens without our conscious effort. How lucky are we?? Yet some of us take better care of our cars or pets than we do ourselves. What’s up with that??

Feeling full of energy, vitality, and strength feels so good, so how can we use all the best active habits, positive psychology and mindset to keep our bodies healthy, and our hearts full?

First, get clear on your big why. 

Consider what it means to you to be loving your body and feeding your spirit  — to be healthy and vital in body, mind, and spirit. Imagine the quality of life you want to live. A strong body, a clear mind, a full heart? Give me a hell yes!

Consider how good it feels to feed your precious body healthy, vital foods and move it in delightful ways to keep it strong and flexible.  How would that impact your life and your work in the world? Pssst  — it feels incredible!

When you think about nurturing yourself, imagine what feels good, really good. The kind of soul-fulfilling good that restores your spirits and reconnects you with your purpose. Imagine the setting, the sounds, smells, tastes, and touch that puts you in this state.

Next, get clear on what needs to happen to keep your life full of all that goodness.

Then it’s not just a one-and-done spa day, and back to the stress and grind. When you want anything for yourself, having as much clarity and specificity as possible, keeps you moving forward in the direction of your dreams. Your North star.

Add in the emotions you want to feel when you reach your goals, and who you want to grow into to be the person who loves herself enough to make this amazing life and self her reality. Yumm! What can give you even more of this wonderful feeling of self-esteem and appreciation of who you are and who you’re becoming? Do more of that!!

Take action!

Baby steps are fine to start. Find healthy foods you love, start moving, even just a little. Fill your mind with inspiring thoughts and stimulating ideas. Surround yourself with loving supportive people on a journey of mastery themselves. Do the things that fill your heart and lift your spirits. A small change in direction can have a huge impact on where you end up! Listen to yourself for the clues to what feeds you and what depletes you.

Learning to say no to the people and activities that aren’t in alignment with who you want to be takes a huge amount of courage at first, and becomes easier once you see how saying yes to yourself clears the way to live in complete integrity with your heart and mind.

I use my Living Vision Board to keep my dreams alive, my goals clear, and my mind focused on the abundance within and all around me. Love and nurture yourself. Be your closest ally, and your nearest friend.

Wheel of Life

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