by  Cindia Carrere

Cindia Carrere

12 Surprising Signs You Have Internal/External Clutter to Clear

“Home is the starting place of love, hopes, and dreams.”

Dreams, like other living beings, need a place to live and grow.

At the most primal level, home is shelter from the elements. At its best, home is designed to be a safe haven to live, love, laugh, and learn. It’s the place where you belong, and where dreams are nurtured.

A huuuuuge problem though, is that many women are not focusing on their own dreams or giving them a home.

The good news? The Universe wants to give you what you want!

The bad news? Clutter sends mixed messages to the Universe. If your energy system is clogged, cluttered, or blocked by limiting beliefs and negative attitudes, then you can’t receive it. Bummer. (Imagine sad trombone descending notes “wah wah wah waaah” )

If you’re frustrated about not having what you desire, you may want to consider freeing up some space. Did you know that there is 40 times more energy in empty space than in matter?*

Feng shui is the art of placement for the best flow of energy. Energy is always flowing from one place to another, just like money is always circulating from one place to another.

Clearing clutter has been compared to modern-day alchemy and the result is more space.  Increased energy circulation frees up love, time, and money to come in, and is like transforming rubbish into gold.

Get your energy moving past obstacles and open your channels to receive at full capacity instead of a trickle

12 Surprising signs you have internal or external clutter to clear:

  1. You have a clog in your cash flow or a stagnant financial situation
  2. You feel stuck or in a rut, or that your life feels like an uphill struggle
  3. You don’t know what you want
  4. You’re experiencing loneliness, challenges to finding a love partnership, or problems in an existing relationship
  5. You’re manifesting things that you don’t want or need
  6. Your enthusiasm and passion have waned
  7. You feel creatively blocked
  8. You’re experiencing issues that are affecting your health
  9. You’re clashing with people (children, parents, boss, employees, friends …)
  10. You don’t feel like your life has a clear purpose
  11. Travel plans or projects have a difficult time coming into fruition
  12. Your cup runneth on empty 

Are you ready to let go of things in your home environment that drain you and replace them with things that light you up? If so, here are a few suggestions:

The Living Vision Board (LVB) is like feng shui for your heart, inviting you to let go of internal clutter and free up the space, time and energy to focus on you and your dreams. The LVB is a perfect mix of science and spirituality to zero in on what matters most to you right now so you can manifest it, including more time and money freedom — spending your life however you choose.

The LVB is a whole brain, whole life practice that supports women focusing on their own dreams, desires, and goals by combining personal development, self-discovery, spirituality, manifesting, creative expression, tracking and planning into one holistic daily practice.