by Cricket Wingfield, MD

I love to travel and am always imagining my next perfect dream vacation.

I use my Living Vision Board as the placeholder so I can make those dreams come true. Here are a few tips on how you can manifest travel using your own vision board.

Let your mind be free and start thinking about your own dream vacation. Are you an adventurer seeking a wilderness experience or prefer the luxury of sleeping under the stars - 5 of them? And who says you have to choose? There are a vast array of dream vacation experiences waiting for you, and you can customize your own. There’s no limit to what’s available, and very shortly you'll even be able to space travel!

I like thumbing through magazines and travel brochures, tearing out images and words that attract me to get my travel imagination juju flowing. Whether you own a private plane or travel on a budget, keep dreaming.

I’m a firm believer in staying true to my own travel goals instead of someone else’s idea of a perfect vacation. I once stayed at a Hawaiian resort recommended by friends, and honestly found it to be a little too sterile and touristy for my taste. It was lovely with all the amenities, but could have been anywhere, and lacked the soulful experience I was looking for. I much preferred an airbnb house closer to Kealakekua Bay where I could walk to a perfect snorkeling spot, or at the Mauna Kea Resort with the quieter, old-school Hawaiian feel. A vision board can help you refine what style you’re after.

Don’t worry about the HOW while you’re dreaming.

A Living Vision Board client won a dream vacation to anywhere in the world, all expenses paid. She’d put that travel goal in her Living Vision Board.

Another way to use your dream board or vision board to manifest the perfect vacation is to choose words and images that create the feeling you’re after, not just the location. Does your dream place provide the stimulation and excitement of a major city with all of its cultural attractions, the thrill of zip-lining through the jungle, or a quiet, romantic getaway for two? Include the senses you want to experience on your vision board, including sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and touch. Feel the place with as much clarity as possible, and reflect those feelings in your vision board. You might just find yourself taken there even before you go, and you’ll get an even clearer picture of your dream vacation.

Being clear about what you want can help avoid a miserable experience. While travel always has the risk of the unexpected, having a vivid picture will help you make more resonant choices. If your idea of cruising is luxuriating on a deck chair, you might not choose a family trip to Mexico, with loads of children jumping in and out of the pool screaming and having the time of their lives. If you have children, it might be just the ticket.

I like to find balance when I travel between stimulation and quieter times. 

A real adventure or packed itinerary can leave me wanting a vacation after my “dream vacation.” I’ve learned to build in rest days or afternoons with some time for reading, journaling, and integrating all the experiences. I add those images to my vision board as well.

My Living Vision Board travels with me so I can use it to capture some of my experiences, and favorite places as well as pre-paving what’s ahead in the future.

Using a vision board to fulfill your bucket list and your dream places to visit can be a very powerful tool. Vision boards work by awakening your dreams and imagination, refining what’s most important to you, activating your subconscious to fulfil your dreams, and motivating you into action to shape your dreams into reality. We know that where we focus our energy grows, so if you want to have more fun and travel, start focusing more of your energy there, even through your imagination.

In order to fulfill a dream, you first have to dream it. 

Keep dreaming and put your dream vacation destinations into your vision board. You won’t regret it and you just might have more fun!