by Cricket Wingfield, MD

Love Your Home

October is the month we focus on Home Environment at the Living Vision Board. Whether you’re living in your dream home, or still want to find it, home is an essential place to ground and nurture ourselves.

What is home?

Home is the place where we live, and especially during the COVID pandemic, where we spend most of our time. It’s where we sleep, eat most of our meals, possibly work, and connect with ourselves and family if we live together. Ideally, it’s the place you can let down, relax, recharge, and connect with yourself and the people you love. 

Dream in Your Ideal Home

Your Living Vision Board or dream board is a great way to start creating your dream home if you’re not living there yet. Seeing it is the first step to manifesting and making it happen. Spend some time considering what features you want to have in your home, how you like to spend time, and what the feeling is you want your home to have. Do you enjoy gardening, home management, and repairs, or prefer to live somewhere those things are taken care of by others, like an HOA or manager.

Do you want big spaces to entertain, or prefer smaller nooks for projects and cozy places to curl up with a good book? Do you prefer a chic, modern style, or a more relaxed, boho feel? Do you want sun or shade? Urban views, or nature views? Make a list of spaces you want and get as specific as possible on how you’ll use them. Don’t forget to include the people you want to share your home with, either to live with or to visit and how you’d like them to feel in your space.

Using your Living Vision Board Journal or a piece of poster board, gather images and words that represent your dreams and goals for your ideal home. Magazines are full of wonderful images to get your imagination flowing with ideas. You can gather all kinds of looks that appeal to you for each space in and outside your dream home. Look for words to represent the style, the ambiance, and the way you want to feel in your dream home. Imagine yourself living there, and savor the good feelings of having a home you love. Paste those words and images onto your vision board. You can add words in your own handwriting, and if you place a photo of yourself in as well, you’ll be giving your subconscious an even stronger message to manifest that vision for yourself. A vision board can act as a map to help you get to the place you want to go.

Loving the Home You Have Now

Gratitude for what you have is always among the first steps of manifesting even more of what you want. What do you appreciate about where you are now? If it’s not what you want in the long run, are there some small changes you can make to improve it now, like decluttering, adding more light, rearranging the furniture, or adding some art, living plants, or a comfortable chair? Give your space fresh eyes, and consider how you’d like it to be just a little more of what you want to suit your lifestyle.

I’ve lived in all kinds of homes from a small apartment to a custom-built dream house. The thing I’ve learned is that a house is just a shell, and the life you create within it is what makes it a home.