by  Cindia Carrere

Cindia Carrere

“Everybody’s coming up with reasons why you can’t have what you want. It’s on you to just keep coming up with better ones for why you can.”

Firefly Lane

Many of the good things in life are free, but let’s face it — money is a powerful tool to achieve your goals.

But what if you don’t have the money or necessary ingredients, like a certain skill or connection, to fulfill your goals for the coming year and beyond?

Here are some ideas for making a creative vision board step by step:

  1. A DIY vision board usually starts with poster board or a cork board as the foundation.

  2. Tap into the power of your goal setting and let what you want to have, be, or do take the lead.

  3. Don’t make this about you, like worrying if you’re not creative enough, or that you’ll never be able to attract big money, fall in love again, or meet that certain influencer or CEO that could make all the difference in your professional life. As Hanoch McCarty said, “It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not.”

  4. Make the experience of creating your vision board about your desires and the way you want to feel. Start there. How DO you want to feel? If you want to feel good, then define what helps you do that.

  5. In goal setting for your vision board, aka “dream board” or “inspiration board,” get specific. Creative vision boards work because they focus your thoughts for a desired outcome, so begin with the end in mind. What‘s your desired outcome? Improved health, a deeper relationship, living at the beach?

  6. Find images and words that express, illustrate, and support your desired outcome. This micro act of creation — hunting, sorting, and cutting out specific words and images that make you feel a certain way, sets the stage, and invites larger acts of creation into your life. If you want results, do not skip this step.

  7. There are many sources for images and fun fonts, including free magazines, junk mail, fliers, old calendars, recycled greeting cards, or other things you’d like to include on your goals board. If you have access to the NextDoor app and feel safe, post a request for magazines and supplies. Garage and estate sales are also excellent places to find magazines inexpensively or for free. Some libraries, bookstores, or community scrap and reuse centers sell low priced books, magazines, maps, art supplies and other ephemera.

  8. Paint the poster board, or incorporate wallpaper samples, any decorative paper like maps, gift wrap, tissue paper or origami paper to create your backdrop.

  9. Glue images and words that represent your goals and dreams onto the backdrop. You do not need to have a MFA to create a vision board! All you must do is arrange them in a way that’s pleasing to you, and only you. Design your vision board so that looking at it evokes positive emotions. A head’s up — The Law of Attraction is at work and will leverage your predominate thoughts and feelings and translate them into your reality, so be sure that what you’re focused on is what you want.

  10. This or something better… While it’s important to create with the specifics in mind, it’s also important to remember that God, the Universe, the power you have unleashed with your vision board is not only on your side, but may have something even better in mind for you. Release any need to have it unfold in a particular way and keep your heart and eyes open for the delightful and often unexpected ways in which your goals and dreams will come to pass.

What are some things you can put on a creative Vision Board?

Of course, it all depends on your desired outcome, but examples are using pictures of money, the car or travel trailer you want, the ideal vacation you have in mind, the dream home or studio you desire. If you want to sculpt those abs or have a certain physique, find an image of someone who represents that and superimpose your face onto theirs. You can do this by simply gluing over it or working some digital magic, cutting out the finished image and adhering that onto your vision board.

As you’re flipping through magazines, pay attention to images that express how you want to feel. If you want a more active social life, look for groups of friends laughing and having a good time. If you want to be in love, look for couples that exemplify the feeling you’re after. Is it having a baby, a stunning outdoor adventure, or being on a reality show that would fulfill your longings? Whatever they are, find images and words that convey your desires and add your own picture into the mix. Then, and this is very important, believe that what you’ve put on your vision board is on its way to you in the highest and best manner. Exercise your faith muscles and don’t let past hurts or future challenges derail you. Take inspired action, be your own best advocate, and get ready to receive. Believe you can and you will!

The Living Vision Board focuses on 12 different areas of your life with the intent of helping you create abundance and joy in every area.