by Cricket Wingfield, MD

While we’re bombarded with what success should look like from advertisements, parents, and friends, you can define your own success in life and be happy on your own terms.

One of the benefits of vision boards is that the process of creating one lets you imagine, refine and define your own success. And, they're a constant reminder of your goals and dreams to keep you focused and succeed in whatever you want most in life.

Once you’ve defined your success, you can create aligned action to reach your long-term goals. Let's explore how creating vision boards can help you achieve your wildest dreams.

The Purpose of a Vision Board

A vision board gives you dedicated space to put your wants and dreams in front of you. It's your energetic request to the universe, and to your subconscious to head in that direction. It’s a micro act to lay the path for the macro acts toward your success in your day to day life. When you use the Living Vision Board, you can adjust and refine, so you take the little steps to achieve greater success.

Vision boards help get clarity on your dreams and goals and put your plan into action.They can motivate you and give you a clear idea of what you need to do to make your dreams a reality.

Creating Your Board: Define Your Own Success

When making your vision board, you need to consider the question "what does success mean to you?" Think of it through the lens of the different areas of your life.

Does it mean scoring that dream job that you've been wanting? Does it mean finding someone to spend your life with? Perhaps you value freedom over home ownership, or independence over a committed romantic relationship. It’s up to you. Letting go of the cultural definition of success and finding your own will bring you much freedom and joy.

No matter what your answer is, it's important to find it, so you can move toward your dreams.

Make sure that you find what is most important for you. You might even create a vision board of your personal values, or create a list of what’s most important to you, so you can build a life around those things.

After Defining Your Own Success

Since success is different for everyone, knowing what it means to you will help you customize your vision board.

Once you've figured out your answer, you can start to create your vision board. Make sure that it's inspiring and pleasing to the eye. Imagine yourself living that life. Keep your vision board or dream board in a place where you can see it often.

Use photos and powerful words that speak to you to help inspire you. You can find photos in magazines, catalogs, or online to add to the board. We have printable images and words linked here that you can print out.

By filling up the board with things that inspire you, you'll be reminded to take action towards your goals every single day. Before you know it, you'll be achieving the wonderful things that you previously only dreamed of.

The beauty and power that a vision board can add to your life is fulfilling and enriching!

Take Action!

Finally, you can think about taking aligned action once you’ve defined success on your terms.

With that clarity and power, define the necessary steps to align your life to achieve exactly what you want. No one can stop you from reaching your goals when you know what you want and exactly what you need to do.

At the Living Vision Board, we strive to help you find value in your life and achieve the things that matter most to you. We're excited to guide you to your dreams and help you achieve the happiness that you crave in life.

Does this sound like a journey that you're looking for? Please have a look at our Living Vision Board Manifesting Course and Mastermind Community to help find your purpose.

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