by  Cindia Carrere

Cindia Carrere

Worrying is rehearsing what you don’t want.
Faith is rehearsing what you do want.

If you’ve seen the movie, “Free Guy,” then you know about the sunglasses. . . .

Ryan Reynolds stars as a bank teller who doesn’t know he’s an expendable background character in a video game. Guy, who becomes known as “Blue Shirt Guy,” becomes the hero of his own story  – one of the “sunglasses people” – when he decides to get a pair for himself.

When he puts them on, he can see things that weren’t visible to him before – things that are both there and not there, depending on who’s wearing the sunglasses – like a floating first-aid kit, money, and more (not gonna tell you the whole story here).

It was exciting to watch the character decide he wanted more out of life and change his destiny, or “coding.” At one point, he offers a pair of glasses to his best friend, a security guard at the bank, but is turned down.

It can be scary to venture out of what’s familiar and become a major player in your own life. That’s where faith comes in.

Faith Vision Board

What is faith?

While each person gets to define it for themselves, faith is believing in something that’s there, even if others can’t see it. . . .

Faith is seeing with your inner eyes.

Faith is believing in something greater than yourself, and not being limited by what is known to date. Discoveries and advancements are made by those who are willing to go beyond textbook descriptions of chartered territory. Just because someone can’t see it yet, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. (Yes, humans are that arrogant!)

Shakespeare nailed it in Hamlet, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than is dreamt of in your philosophy.”

Desire is a Secret Language of God

Scripture reveals hidden riches, and that desire is a language of God. For example, Psalms 20:4 provides this blessing, “May He give you the desires of your heart and make all your plans succeed.”

When we desire something whispered by the Divine, it sparks or wakes up an energy inside of us that calls us to expand, grow, evolve, build our faith muscles, and align our souls.

What is spiritual alignment?

It’s taking action consistent with your goals. It’s you moving in the same direction as your spirit, and not in subconscious opposition. Spiritual alignment is when your head and heart are in agreement with your body and soul.

How is this done?

Try slowing down. Pause. Take a few deep cleansing breathes.

Start by listening. With all the distractions vying for your attention, your inner guidance often has to compete with all the socials, ridiculously cute cat videos, Honey Badger, and whatever is trending at the moment.

God don’t care about trending, or your vanity metrics. YOU, now THAT’s what God cares about!

Tune in and ask questions. Connect with your spirit, mind, heart, and body.

Questions to ask your Higher Self for spiritual alignment.

Your answers will provide insight into where you’re out of alignment.

  1. What does your spirit want?
    What happens to your energy when you think of your dreams and desires? Do they lift you up, or weigh you down?
  2. What’s on your mind?
    Whatever it is that you think about day and night is a clue to your deepest desire. It’s also a powerful clue as to where your energy blocks and imbalances are working against you.
  3. What’s in your heart?
    How does your heart feel when you imagine all the things you want to be, have and do? Does your heart feel like it’s contracting or feel expansive? Is there a desire in there that you haven’t even told your mind yet?Give yourself permission to have whatever you want.
  4. What is your body telling you?
    Do your desires give you a headache, a pain in your neck, an upset stomach, or do they make you feel like dancing, singing or jumping for joy? Which parts of your life cause you physical pain, and which cause you to feel healthy and alive? Where are you stalling out or feeling stuck, and in what areas are you raring to go?

Energetic Alchemy

Everything is energy and energy is everything, no exception. God is Energy. The Universe is energy. The sun, moon and stars are energy, and you are made up of the same stuff.
Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can change its shape.

And that’s where you come in. You can, and do, change the shape and form of energy all the time.

You turn liquid into gas when you boil water for tea. You convert liquid into a solid when you freeze water for ice cubes. You transmute paper into ashes when you light it on fire. 

You also change the form of your thoughts, the shape of your emotions, the tenor of your actions, and the flavor of your habits through the power of intention.

The intentions you set up, show up! That’s called manifesting. Manifesting is the sweet spot between desire and faith.

Next, you notice your vibration.

Oh no, not that again!

Yes, that again, but with a twist.

You your vibration to match your intentions.

To shape energy into the tangible expression of your desires, you have two choices: Shift your vibration to be hospitable for what you DO want (meaning to become a match or in alignment), or you make your energy to what you DON’T want. One of the best ways to set up your intentions and connect with your Higher Self is to create a Faith Vision Board.

A Faith Vision Board:

  • is a visual representation of what you want and keeps it top of mind
  • supports your spiritual connection
  • helps you look forward, rather than backward
  • maintains your focus on what you want to accomplish
  • saturates your subconscious mind with your vision, goals, and dreams
  • imprints your desires upon the Universal “cosmic substance”

The Living Vision Board is all that and a bag of chips, too!

  • it’s a spiritual practice

  • a daily success ritual

  • a standing appointment to align with your soul

  • stirs up a vibration of faith

  • helps you connect with your Higher Self

  • invites you to listen to your inner cues

  • enhances self-awareness

  • helps you visualize

    Visualizing is part of the energy formula for creating and manifesting. You must be able to carry or hold the essence inside yourself of whatever it is that you desire to be, have, and do.

Have Fun With It!

For a fresh outlook, your Third eye’s vision will be greatly enhanced by adopting a stunning pair of Faith Spectacles. Never let your insight be caught without the must-have chic goggles that allow you to see beyond mere circumstances, and into the higher realm of things not seen with the naked eye. This conceptual designer pair of 6 Chakra spiritual sunglasses will put the Zing into your Visualizing!

The Living Vision Board brings the joy of manifesting to Shape Shifters of faith who are willing to play. This is for you if you want to shift your energy and shape your dreams into reality.

If you’d like to make a Faith Vision Board, here are some free
Faith/Spirituality printables to play with.

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