by Cricket Wingfield, MD

Our Mission and Purpose

When we decided to share the Living Vision Board (LVB) process with women interested in making their own dreams come to life, we took a deep dive into our mission and purpose as the LVB.  We got very excited by the potential available to every woman who uses it, and also by how we might support women and girls around the world through our work.

Woman Power!

It’s no secret that women in many developing countries are struggling to have the personal freedom, resources, or education to support their families. It’s also been shown in programs around the globe that when women have economic resources to invest in a business, this improves not only their own lives but the economic health of their communities as well. Woman power! How exciting is that?

Our Commitment

Our commitment at the LVB is to support this work through the already proven successful methods of direct grants and microloans or microcredit (small loans to start a business at low-interest rates, given to impoverished people who don’t have collateral for traditional loans). We plan to share our success with others less fortunate. It’s built into our mission.

Dreams and Goals

When you make the step to commit to your own dreams and goals through the Living Vision Board Course + Mastermind Community, you’ll also be helping other women around the world do the same!

If you want to read more information about microloans, check out KIVA.ORG