Manifesting Meaningful Relationships: Here’s How

2/1/22 - Whether in a romantic or platonic relationship, being a good partner is essential to living a happy life. Manifesting meaningful relationships is something that you can accomplish with healthy communication skills

Inspiration: Fitness Vision Board Ideas

1/25/22 - If you’re looking for new fitness inspiration, then you’ve come to the right place. The first step is to create a fitness vision board that will help you get motivated, inspired, and most importantly, focused on your fitness journey.

Self Care Vision Board Ideas to Consider for 2022

1/18/22 - Read on to learn what a self care / fitness vision board is and how it can help you finally hit your goals this year. Let's dive into why vision boards for health are beneficial to your dream life, and how to create one.

Affirmations, Resolve and Your Fitness Vision Board

1/11/22 - Affirmations are simply ideas you repeat to yourself until they form into resolve. Resolve is a powerful tool because it moves you to decide, make up your mind, and work out. Which brings us to the “F” word. Fitness.

Raise Your Manifesting Set-Point

12/28/21 - A manifesting Set-Point is an internal gauge, much like a thermostat, that automatically regulates the flow of desires in and out of your experience.

Clarity is Queen!

12/14/21 - Expectations cause a lot of confusion in the world; in our holiday story, Clarity is Queen! To gain the clarity to reach your goals, join our Mini Vision Quest...