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LVB as a Daily Spiritual Practice

4/12/22 - A daily spiritual practice is one where we spend focused time connecting to ourselves at a deeper level. The LVB is an ideal tool to assist you.

Create a Retirement Vision Board

3/22/22 - A Retirement Vision Board means you're thinking about retirement - Congratulations! It’s important to begin planning as early as you can.

The Entrepreneurial Equation

3/8/22 - The Entrepreneurial Equation — Turn Pain Into Gain: there is a segment of the population, who, when wounded, figure out how to heal it and help others with their knowledge, then monetize it!

Vision Boards for Business Success

3/1/22 - Millions of people create vision boards each year to lay out business goals. They help you define business success and personal happiness.

Moving On From Your Ex After A Breakup

2/8/22 - The title of this post is Moving On From Your Ex After A Breakup, so it’s written for those of you who’ve progressed through the healing process to the point you’re ready to move on.