by  Cindia Carrere

Cindia Carrere

Angels are couriers of the Divine, dispatched when the message absolutely, positively needs to be there Right NOW; for protection, aid, or dispensing inspiration and advice. Sometimes their purpose is to reassure or redirect. Whatever their message, timing is everything.

So, how do Angels communicate with humans? Sometimes they pull back the veil and allow themselves to be seen. Other times they can be heard, but as they are very high level vibrational beings and not all humans are attuned to their Guardian Messengers, they find other ways to connect.

Angels speak as many languages as there are beings on the planet, so if there’s a glitch in communication, it’s usually due to our limitations, not theirs. Because Angels are endlessly creative, they will use the method that’s most likely to get your attention.

Getting your attention is the first step.

Your Angels understand you and know what is most likely to catch your notice. Are you kinesthetic? If so, you’ll tend to feel something. Are you visual? Then they’ll plant visual clues for you to detect. Are you auditory? Then they may play to your ears. They’ll use your senses to share information that is your senses.

Everything is energy, and energy is vibration. Your body is a finely tuned instrument specifically designed to interpret different vibrations. So you may suddenly hear your favorite song out of nowhere, or notice something so strange and odd that you can’t dismiss it. Remember, capturing your attention is key.

9 Signs Angels Are Communicating With You

1. Feathers (especially white ones)
You will notice them on the ground, or in curious places like the grocery store. Also, do you sometimes have an itch or a tickle you can’t explain? Yep, your Angels are tickling you with their feathers, entertaining themselves while you scratch or swat at them.

2. Suddenly seeing or hearing the word “Angel” everywhere
You’ll be introduced to an Angela, or a commercial van will drive by you with Angel in its business title, such as Maybe you’ll hear different songs with Angel in the lyrics, or a rerun of a television show — perhaps — will catch your eye. You’ll see someone wearing an Angel T-shirt or an Angel piece of jewelry. Whatever the case, you will be surrounded and inundated by Angel references.

3. Goosebumps
When you, or someone else, says something that strikes Truth, you’ll feel the Angel’s wings near you — causing chilled skin, or “truth bumps.”

4. Repeated Numbers
Do you have a special number, or series of numbers that you tend to see everywhere? 4:44 on the clock means the Angels are with you. Numbers, like other symbols, are ways of bypassing your traditional thought patterns and filters, and contain angelic guidance and meaning.

Other numeric sequences you may encounter are 1:11, 2:22, 3:33 and 5:55, or 12:34, 3:45, 4:56, and so on. Now that you’re thinking about it, maybe you’re remembering that license plate you just saw with 999 or 123. Repetition and sequence, like three seven’s in a row, indicate the Angels are hovering near you.

5. Butterflies, Dragonflies and Birds
These beautiful winged creatures are gentle reminders that you are LOVED. 

6. Coins
Ever heard the phrase, “Pennies from Heaven?” Consider that the next time you’re about to ignore a penny on the ground. . . .

7. Direct Messages
I personally find these the most fun. These are messages put directly in path or line of sight. They might include a perfectly timed billboard splashed with a phrase that holds meaning for you, a vehicle painted with specific words, or a literal sign that provides you direction. Have you ever had a book that you were meant to read suddenly jump or fall off the shelf and land near your feet?

They also leave things on the ground for you to find; hand-written notes, fortunes, blessings, hearts, or playing cards to name just a few.

8. Dreams
Have you ever had a dream that felt SO real? Or that haunted you for hours, or even days after waking up? If so, it contained a message for you. Perhaps it’s time to start keeping a dream journal.

9. Color and Light
Orbs, different colors, or flashes of light contain the energy signature of Angelic beings trying to reach you through your attention. Rainbows, especially in unexpected places, like on your kitchen floor, bathroom counter, the lip of your favorite mug, or radiating out from you in certain photographs are also meant to signify you are in the company of Angels.

Timing Is Everything

If you’ve encountered any of these signs, please realize they are Divinely placed and Divinely timed. Did you ask if you should take a particular action at the moment you noticed the white feather? Maybe you were in the process of mulling a decision when you looked up and saw a billboard or sign that read, “YES!”

Sometimes the signs are spread out over enough time for you to take note and anchor them in. To share some of my personal examples, I usually encounter a specific sign for about 7 days in a row. Then, in the future, when I receive that one again, I will connect with it quickly.

For an entire week, everywhere I went, I found a different playing card on the ground in front of me. Another week was all about rainbows. Last week I found hand-written messages in my path. This week has been all about the number “34.” The only times I seem to have glanced up and noticed the clock have been at 34 minutes past the hour, as well as when I have been awakened. And apparently the Angels are having a laugh at the moment of writing this, because I see that 234 emails recently came in.

The Angels are always near you, and are doing whatever they can so you’ll notice. If you want them to help you, all you have to do is ask, but ask you must. Because humans have free will, the Angels wait for your invitation.

Angels thrive on bliss and gratitude.

They also like to have fun with you. So much of what they do is serious, so any opportunity to be playful is welcome. When you receive a message, listen. Thank them, shower them with appreciation, and pretty soon, communicating with your Angels will be an everyday experience.

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