Manifest your deepest desires

with the Living Vision Board

Do you want more in your life?

More goodness... More money... More meaningful relationships... More time... More energy… More clarity...

What if... you had a way to make it all possible.
What if... you had a recipe to follow.
What if… you had a guide to help you.
What had a community of support.

With The Living Vision Board, you no longer have to wonder “What if?"

Living Vision Board

Through our proven manifesting course and mastermind community, we offer the guidance to help you learn to manifest your deepest desires and the support to help you own your power and put your vision in motion.

Welcome to the Living Vision Board 

The Living Vision Board (LVB) is a Feminine Manifestation Program, a whole-brain practice that blends your soulful, creative right brain with the answer-finding skills of your left brain. 

Created BY women, FOR women...the Living Vision Board is designed to bring your dreams to reality — at whatever stage of life you’re in. 

The LVB Manifesting Course offers a canvas to play on, a space to practice listening to your desires, and a way to have fun strategizing the details. 

All with the added value of community with other kindred spirits, women discovering their own new style for manifesting and visioning the next phase of their lives.

Backed by science, but feeeels like magic!

The Living Vision Board practice brings science and spirituality together in a way that supports your own unique vision for your best life.

Living Vision Board Magic
It’s not just a traditional vision board…
It’s not just a journal or notebook…
It’s not just a planner or habit tracker…
It’s better!

The Living Vision Board combines the best elements of these self-care and success rituals into one convenient daily practice. The power of both sides of your brain to marry your reality with your intention.

Start to Understand Your Own Manifestation Style

Manifesting the life you desire starts by understanding how you manifest. Creating a clear vision all starts with finding your ​​Manifesting Archetype — Kinda like your manifestation personality type. 

This is your unique personal manifesting style that draws on the innate power within. 

Discover Your Primary Manifesting Archetype  — Take the Quiz 

Use your feminine archetype to create the life you truly yearn for. Plus, learn how to harness the power of the other archetypes in your own life’s path.

Level-up your life with the Living Vision Board

You’re no stranger to success. You’ve achieved at the highest level in some aspects of work or in life. Yet, you know you have more to give, to learn, to experience, and to create. 

There’s a longing… a search for something more, even if you don’t know exactly what that is yet. 

With the LVB you can go beyond your accomplishments and tap into your higher purpose.

You Belong Here If You Are A Woman…

Who is sassy, smart, spiritual, and seeking community
With big dreams who is multi-passionate and ready for a midlife transformation
Who wants to connect more deeply with yourself
With a desire to grow and make your world a better place
Who is tired of living the same ol’ story
Ready to rock the next chapter and reach that next level of awesome in your life!!

You know, deep in your bones, that you can be very grateful for what you have and still want more.

We see you.
We hear you. 

And we’re ready to show you how to create the life you desire.

Dig Deeper with the Living Vision Board
Manifesting Course + Mastermind Community

You’ve probably heard of a vision board, and maybe you’ve even created one. But before you could really dig deeper,  you set it aside and went back to your daily life. 

You forgot about all those amazing ideas and visions you had in the moment of creating. 

When you look back, you think “That didn’t work for me.” 

We get it.

Life got in the way. Your intentions were good but over time, it became hard to stay focused on manifesting those dreams. So, your vision board ended up covered in cobwebs in a basement or stuffed behind the couch. 

Or, maybe it did work out, but after a while, you got overwhelmed with all the “law of attraction” stuff. And perhaps it made you feel at fault when life didn’t turn out just the way you wanted it. 

You don’t have to suffer any longer. The LVB Manifesting Course + Mastermind Community goes far beyond the annual or quarterly reflection of your dreams and desires that a traditional vision board offers. 

Discover a daily practice where you let your heart speak on paper with words and colors and pictures in the time and format that works best for you. 

Every day you get to practice designing the life you desire through guided pages and community support. 

Imagine the possibilities of living life on your own terms. Right now, in this moment, you hold in your hands the power to create the life you’ve always dreamed of. So… 

What are you waiting for? Get On Board with the Living Vision Board!

How It Works

The LVB Manifesting Course + Mastermind Community puts into practice the art of fine-tuning what you're noticing and fine-tuning what you're asking for.

The Left brain loves words, dates, numbers, organization, and planning.

vision board

The Right brain loves images, color, music, creativity, and connection to ALL that IS.

The Living Vision Board helps you utilize the power of both!

Turn the small acts of creation in your LVB into macro acts of creation that change your life. 

You choose the time you want to devote to manifesting your visions following our guided vision board book. A few minutes a day, a couple times a week, or daily practice, you will watch how this simple guided practice can produce the best results of your wildest dreams!

Our Mission

LVB - The Big Dream

We believe you have the power to change your life and the lives around you. And we're committed to guiding you so the process is easy and accessible and fun.

We have big dreams. To help women across the world reach their fullest potential and live the life they've always wanted. We’re here to celebrate all that you're capable of being doing and having.

This starts with finding a time that belongs to you and nothing else, listening to the whispers of your soul, and giving your life the focus that it deserves, so that you can start imagining and dreaming. So come on, jump in.

Living Vision Board Mission

From Good To Great

We are Cindia Carrere and Cricket Wingfield, M.D.,  a shamanista of faith and a family doctor (plus so much more), and we created the Living Vision Board because we wanted to:

have more financial abundance
experience spiritual and personal growth
tune up our relationships
achieve our goals
have a bigger impact in the world
travel and have more fun
oh yeah, and get rock hard abs

We created this for ourselves. We noticed as we started doing this every day, and we worked with clients and they started doing it every day, that magic was happening and lives were transforming. And, that’s when the lightbulb went on — wow, this is an actual business! So we decided to dream even bigger, and share this powerful tool with you. 

Cindia and Cricket

Our Customers are Raving About the LVB

Creative Genius

I gracefully use the Living Vision Board system to align with my creative genius. As a creative and a rebel, I want to do things my own way, and the Living Vision Board lets me do that.

Jean Berry

Jean Berry

Surpassed Goal

When I first received the LVB I thought what the heck am I wanting in my life?! I remembered I had set a weight loss goal that was only going ok. So I wrote down a number. Today I am down 23 lbs and way past my goal of weighing 145 I’m at 133 lbs and haven’t been this weight since my early 30’s!

Dawn Kirby

Dawn Kirby

"Go To" Tool

The Living Vision Board has become my “go to” tool to help me stay on track with my goals. It provides the structure and space for reflection that has helped me to track and plan my work.

Kat Hill

Kat Hill


I love my life!

I recently had a $10,000 week. Customers keep saying yes. I’m even spending a lot of it—and STILL there’s money left in the bank. This has NEVER happened before! Even if you don’t do the Living Vision Board perfectly, money and flow and joy comes in.

Brynn Breuner

Brynn Breuner

Not Sure Where to Start?

Take our Manifesting Archetype Quiz. This will give you insights on how you personally bring manifestation into your life and how you can leverage it more powerfully. 

Your personalized results will be delivered to you in an in-depth profile on your personal manifesting style, how to better understand yourself, and how to harness your superpowers so you can make every day your favorite day of the week.

Hey, before you go. . . .

If you want to bring more yummy stuff into your life, then here's a question for you. . . .

What's Your
Manifesting Style?

If you're ready to uplevel your life,
make more money,
have better relationships,
or improve your health,
find out...